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restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID)


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Is there a child in this country that doesn't have a special need these days? I know of one diagnosed with some attention disorder thingummy and her drink dependant parents get loads of money and attention heaped on the family because of their so called poorly daughter. When she's dumped on the grandparents there's nothing wrong with her and her behaviour is perfectly normal. Maybe there are some genuine cases but I'm just citing one example of "a certain section" of society jumping on a bandwagon. And they didn't come over here in a flimsy rubber dinghy....

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The shit you find to moan about Mark. But I’ve had to buy food for a child which only comfort was Chicken McNuggets and believe me you don’t want know what that small child had gone through. But it would make you wind your fucking neck in faster than it takes you to google crack pot stuff to spout shit about. 

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most of That comes from their parents 

you’ll be saying where are in the middle of a pandemic next 

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14 hours ago, davetorpe said:

You sir are a shit and holier than thou arse hole

you sir are a pussy of the highest order - 

no wonder peeps have been leaving this site in droves

 its called bandwagon to rant off , keeps this shit off the bike pages

if you don't like it block me - 



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If only it were more like FB - then I could see something I don't like and report it like a proper snowflake.

A bit like seeing shit on the path and deliberately stepping in it.


Dave... 2 things..

1) Mark never said there weren't genuine cases and poor kids in terrible situations. No one has. This was specifically about snowflake pandering issues.

2) As already stated, this is the 'Bandwagon' section. Don't like it. Don't look.


I have also noted over time that you frequent a Busa site, yet seem to hate them and do nothing but slag them off. This of course is entirely up to you, and personally I get the banter most of the time, but it does beg the question, why are you here if you hate them so much? - and on other subjects, do you deliberately want to be 'offended' all the time? - are all your buckets of shite bigger than everyone else's? - do you know best on every subject? - or would you simply prefer others not to have thoughts/opinions if they don't 'gel' with yours ?

Not looking for answers here, just suggesting you spend a little time reflecting on your own motives.

Not saying I'm in anyway right/better/more knowing on anything what-so-ever either. Just saying.



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if i was the mother i would keep the old packets and put another make inside of it  - sorted :lol::thumbs:

4 year old kid would never know

some kid recently 17 year old kid just ate white bread , ham and crisps - he wondered why his eyesight diminished.. to blindness

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