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  2. This a review of a UK member of Hayabusa.org had his bike 3 months now "Managed to get the Gen 3 out again at the weekend and for me its got everything i want.Still riding 2 up and even like that its every bit as capable over some familiar roads as a 2015 GSXR1K i had and way easier to ride fast smoothly on imperfect roads.Its always going to be a big bike on twisty roads but the way the power in 3rd or 4th is available everywhere just makes it a delight .It flicks quickly enough for my needs and as a former RSV4 owner I don't feel it needs Ohlins...at least not for the roads i like.Compared to the ZX14r's ive owned .. the Gen 3 is vastly more stable at the high end of the speedo and can be steered wherever you want with the lightest touch..Brakes for me can be bettered but they are very progressive and predictable...especially now the rears is bedded in.Foot levers ...as always are too high for me but general comfort is great...Gen 1, 2 and ZX14's all aggravated an old elbow injury after 2hours but so far no issues on the 3.QS in mode 1 is great but in mode 2 its glitchy 2nd to 3rd under full throttle and there is a distinct delay of about 1 second before you get the gear and that comes in with a vicious kick so i'm ignoring mode 2 until i get her serviced.MPG ...very happy...still keeping above 44 imp mpg which for 2 up work and a 50/50 mix or sporty and touring riding i feel is perfect.OE tyres...wow...30 minutes after a 120miles fun ride they were still warm which for a daytime temp of 19c is great for any tyres i've used.Those who want the 200+hp 1K bikes will buy them...same goes for the ZX14r and so on.For me the only other bikes i've had as much fun on would be a mk1 Tuono for the twisties and my 2003 Gen 1 Busa... the array of bikes i've had cover all sorts except adventures and those 2 would always have a soft spot for me.Tuono was just bonkers yet comfy and shouted at everyone with a race can fitted.The Gen 1 once i gave it better brakes was just a pleasure to ride anywhere and this Gen 3 is offering the same level of buzz those 2 bikes gave me.Now the other half says i can get a solo ride this weekend to dial myself and the bike in so i'll get a better understanding of the toys it offers...though tested the LF at level 5 and it triggered on a 3rd-4th gear full chat blast.Had the bike almost 3 months and i've 1 regret................. Not riding as much as i'd like.Only change i do plan is to sort the clutch & lever... bite point is nowhere near the bar and it doesn't give confidence at the lights."
  3. What happened to to queue around the block for these? Suzuki's Latest Hayabusa GSX-1300R 2021 Silver Hypersports Motorcycle | eBay
  4. Last week
  5. Wrong colour methinks.... having said that my 1st busa was bronze an silver... (Which I grew to love)
  6. @Busa Harbour man one well thrashed example - i hope it was heat cycled well
  7. Why would you be wanting one of them Ian, didn't yours come with one?
  8. this could be very useful https://www1.suzuki.co.jp/motor/support/owners_manual_manage/files/Web99011-10L00.pdf if you read Japanese
  9. this woman clocked 9.54 @147.6 aftermarket exhaust and sticky track
  10. He much prefers all electronics turned off
  11. 2 miles out of the box but heat cycled for 2 days only over the 1/8th of mile - fastest time was 6.55 115 mph with launch control and lift turned on the bike is slower for drag racer he says you can estimate 1/4 mile by multiplying your 1/8th time x 1.54 approximates to 10.08 sec over 1/4
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  13. Why do people who make videos all talk like someone is squeezing their nuts????
  14. Test ride from drag racers point of view, G3
  15. Yea... both have 2 wheels. Well spotted
  16. I am not so sure about that either, if you have 1441 kit in gen2 the gen3 can jump off the line quicker but more power and torque will soon take you past it
  17. That is when 0-1000 m or 0 to 1/2 mile is useful if Gen3 accelerated faster
  18. No help for tuning the ecu , there are few bikes still from 2019 or 2020 with no tuning abilities , for the stock ecu. The rider was pleased, as we know there is the speed limiter still unremoved, it cant go faster than that, well, changing gearing might help, or some other tricks. it looked fast, very smooth launch, compared to these other guys, long swingarms , spinning the tyre but if there was any more tuning done than just slip-ons, the other bikes were faster, couple bikes ran 217-218mph
  19. @MikaS do you know any Finnish tuners that have cracked the locked ECU yet ?
  20. Great regarding Gen3 , i cannot tell from the sentence your mindset - yes it was fast or you mean it was not that fast after all don't most GEN1 and GEN2 make 300 kph with wind behind
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