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  3. https://www.gtmotorcycles.com/pages/about/meet-the-team.htm Pretty sure the guy who owns it is Mike Grainger? is known by the guys who go racing.
  4. Not you 😂 Jeez, do i have to look it up myself
  5. Earlier
  6. Maidstone don't like folks from Chatham i think HMP Maidstone is full of them
  7. Had my call from Laguna today , funnily whenever I had been there in the past to buy a Busa the sales team just blanked me as though I was keeping out of the rain. Guy says first shipment (200 ish) all sold, although I suspect a certain amount of 'back-handers' may well make one pop-up as if by magic BHM (might give Robinsons a call tomorrow)
  8. Which dealer was it John? Don't we have someone down in Plymouth?
  9. that's why they call it a 2022 model anybody from here will have to wait till next winter
  10. saw this today ; Hi everyone, I was told today by a Sales person at my local dealer that there will only be 135 Gen 3 Hayabusa’s allocated to the UK and they’ve all been sold including any demo bikes !!! Anybody else had that message ??
  11. If that's all it is, then those flipping tuners have been ripping us off all this time...where's that Sean geezer...I need a word!
  12. allright, so i have lost some 170hp on my gen1, must be the high mileage
  13. 300. Gen 1 is 401.... Only if they are beaks, obviously....
  14. 210hp from DD3 , and how much was it from Gen2 ?
  15. Must be them fangled new injectors spray pattern deflection plates, reshaped combustion chambers, mild cam with more lift, smaller throttle bodies with increased Airbox volume , lighter internals
  16. I saw something similar. BUT, how many would we want
  17. Feck me...and from a reliable source!!...I heard they can fly and operate underwater to a depth of 5,000 fathoms. While still in it's packing crate. All from an engine that's almost the same as a gen 2...how do they do it!!!
  18. I think they gave periodic service for H2R in hours cant remember might be 8 or 16 hours Maybe the 2 Kawasaki trolls on here can answer
  19. Where did i hear that H2R has recommended hours before replacing the engine internals, ??? One of our streetman drag racers used a H2 , he had long swingarm etc , i think he managed a season or two before the engine failed, now he has B-king with turbo
  20. guessing.............. as an addition not replacement
  21. it really is a paired down range there is a nice modern H2 in John's dyno room it did have me thinking
  22. Maybe UK have more than USA at moment , i think because Final GEN2s are still in the showrooms
  23. I really hope Suzuki are not naive enough to hope this will save them and promote sales of their other bikes
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