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  3. Hi Mike,

    I believe you've modified/trimmed your existing under-tray, and I guess fitted a tail tidy bracket.

    I'm looking at doing the same thing. Any tips for me?

    I've got a 2001 Gen 1.

    Any advice appreciated.



    Des, Hamburg

    1. mikethebike1127


      Hi Des


      Sorry for the late reply.


      Yes, trimmed the original back mudguard/tray and fitted a Hotbodies under tray. Trimmed the original as per the instructions that came with the new item...no brackets required. Best fitting under try I ever fitted. Just looked in their website and the price has doubled since I fitted mine 11 years ago :shock:

      Just looked in ebay and there is a company called Bestem who are selling what looks to me to be exact replicas of what I have for $160 posted!!

      Hope I've been of some help





    2. Des Jackson

      Des Jackson

      Hi Mike,

      Many thanks for the response. It's more than useful cheers...

      I've found the Bestem website. Way cheaper than anything else (although limited) that I've found so far.

      I'm almost positive I've got to stay with stalk indicators on a bracket with the reg plate as they're very strict in Germany with the TUV! But I'm checking with a mate who built a Cafe racer here (Moto Guzzi, it was cool). He now knows a lot about the regulations (which are extremely limiting for custom bikes!).

      I'm wondering if there is still the option to use the original tail light with this under tray (possibly the right size opening?) or would I need to modify the unit? I'd prefer the single light tbh....



  4. Happy birthday aitch hope you have a great day.

  5. Stick to an English rose!  They have thorns but you can cut them off with presents!!!!!

  6. I’m not horrible but people just get in the way of my  temper when drunk 

  7. Have a good one buddy

  8. Hi Tam ,ive got a air box with mod & K&n filter ,bottem yoke & stem (brand new) if still looking.give me a tx on 07968729631 in still looking ! cheers


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