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  5. I have a gen 3 and 85kg. Just bought top of the range nitron shock. It came with 750lb spring which is 132nm. the standard is 140nm so just a small difference. But I found my rebound was maxed out and still not coping. The standard shock may have worked better with the 132nm spring as its pushing rebound with less force. The front end damping is not as bad but the spring is to soft and I bottom out under sport braking, the standard 9nm springs were changed for 10nm 👍 if you cant price a shock just changing springs will help. 132nm rear and 10nm front quoted for 80k-90k rider.
  6. The chap is in Ireland mate, or at least that's what his location is stating.
  7. Kais Suspension in Atherton near Manchester are very good at setting up bikes for the rider. https://www.kais-ohlins.co.uk/
  8. Out of the crate Suzuki's are generally pretty good for you're weight range, but it may not suit how you ride. There're countless U Tube vids on setting up suspension, like most of the stuff on there it's been plagiarised to earn money, so you need to be very selective. As a general rule, sort the sag, then the compression and rebound, you want the back/front ends compressing/rebounding (damping) at the same rates to give you balance. Golden rule one thing at a time and small adjustments, make sure you record all adjustments before you ride. Ride over the same course in the same way, you need about 5 miles, straights, bends (left/right) smooth (if you can find any) and the more normal uneven, if possible some dual carriageway/motorway. Don't forget to test heavy braking. If you're not confident and as has been suggested, find a pro. Good luck.
  9. Sourced a pro, think that’s best and money well spent. just me always, Spanish twisties the majority of riding
  10. bike suspension set is always a personal thing , like do you do track days or do you do a lot of touring 2 up i just take mine to a professional although not done that for a few years oh i nearly forgot i do eye tests too
  11. Hi, new member here and new to Busa’s. bought lovely 2024 Busa 2 weeks ago and am interested in tweaking the suspension set-up. Did this last year on my Tenere 700 and it transformed the bike. would be most grateful if anyone has done this and could suggest something. I’m 13.5 stone or 85kg in the nip no gear. Incredbile machine
  12. Martin at MTC is very good he even manage to build a system to fit my Mitsubishi Delica
  13. I did encourage him to take the bike to standing mile, i remember CM talking about it at some point, he was supposed to do land speeding on some bike. I hope there would not be very big difference in 150-250mph, as my bike was built for the mile. It did that in 8.53s.
  14. Turbo bike yes but not at Elvington this year, it was the old bike
  15. @MikaS you might find this interesting https://www.6speedonline.com/forums/997-turbo-gt2/224457-can-modded-porsche-really-beat-hayabusa-4.html yank forum where most use 60-130 as their favourite roll-on your quicker on 60-130 than a +1000 RWHP Camaro "We got verfied vbox ran by Scott Michael Mathews GSXR 1000 with bolt ons and,-1 on the countershaft at the time 4.58 from 60-130 Also i found that a 324rwhp turbo busa ran 60-130 in 2.8s!!!!! but that ran was on pocket computer w/GPS" "Im sure u saw that vid before...The SW GTT vs LMR TT/Nos Vette and LMR TT Camaro. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LeZQawQvfU That +1000rwhp Camaro ran 60-130 in 4.2sec which is as quick as SPI Sledgehammer"
  16. I make an assumption that your figures were on Turbo bike at Elvington 2023
  17. I guess he is not using electronic launch control both way quicker than both my bikes in Busa 60-130 in 3rd gear 5.1 sec ZZR 5.3
  18. I dug out some of old mile passes and compared the acceleration, CM did 60-130mph in 2.81s , mine was 4s , his 100-150mph is 2.27s , mine was 3.9s, my 0-60mph was just crap. I guess he could do outstanding , well , standing mile.
  19. Why did i see somewhere he did 206mph for speed, this was only 188
  20. Yessssssssssssssssss , The FIRST ONE in SHOWROOM UK https://www.boltonmotorcycles.co.uk/new-bikes/suzuki
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