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  2. I need a front wheel for gen 3 2021, also front mudguard, in silver if possible.
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  6. You'll lose anything which needs wheel speeds and comparisons - that's why someone's made a box to try lose one, but not the other I guess.
  7. Thats interesting, cheers
  8. There is. Also YouTube showing how to remove ABS
  9. https://boostbysmith.com/shop/gen3-hayabusa-abs-delete/ $525 ok it says you also LOSE the traction control function
  10. Of course it’s allowed i always like that emoji
  11. unplug a wheel sensor and see what happens BHM
  12. What ? I am interested in things, is it not allowed around here. Nothing between lines, nothing.
  13. Link brake is not great but i get it and its not intrusive. the ABS [antilock braking system] this means that it will stop wheel lock up! the bad bit is on a nice dry day with lots of grip and sticky tyres, when braking hard full force on front wheel if the back wheel lifts 10mm the front wheel will stop braking to bring the back wheel down. it feels like massive fade when pushing..[ the Suzuki handbook says the ABS system may not brake as quick as a bike without ABS ]. WTF. I am hoping i can find an electronic boffin to fit me a switchable system.. i feel ABS should be on the rain map and a choice in the dry... nothing is perfect.
  14. I am thinking this on a detail level. We know the front rake is different on gen3, also there is lot of electric gadgets, what else, what makes it superior ? Engine has different torque characteristics, but my gen1 is also upgraded on that aspect.
  15. You will lose,the gen 3 will leave it for dead ..had 3 gen 1s now on gen 3 ..it is better make no mistake
  16. These Gen3 are also linked brakes does that just compound things
  17. That’s a hard one, how would that effect MOT and he would the tuner take on the liability issue of doing this as a point of safety
  18. Does anyone know of a company that could play with my electrics and give me an option on my abs, either on or off, maybe a switch without bringing up a fault code. I like it in the wet but find it wrong in the dry. i have bn riding forty years and sometimes the safety extras on bikes are not what it says on the tin. i live in the north, so up north would be an advantage. Cheers for any help
  19. i would be happy to lose that low end to get 205 at the back
  20. we have bn riding together for 40yrs and i am a bit quicker than him, so he loves me and hates me at he same time. it swings and roundabouts my bike is quick very stable on bumpy ground and steers quick. down side is the weight and i don't like the abs when pushing hard in the dry. i love it on wet shitty roads but would like the option to switch it off on dry days.
  21. How do you find the Gen3 to your mates sportsbike K7 Gixxer ? on them windy roads from Hawick to Carter Bar
  22. that road from Moffat to Marys is for motocross bikes only
  23. the ride hight and steering angle is all personal preference. nearly all bikes after yr2000 are all good but can all be tweeked to your style. fork and rear hight and tire pressures etc. i prefer a sports tourer that's tweeked rather than an all out sports bike as i find they tie them selves in knots on the roads. there to hard and to short. pleased you got back safe, 440mile that's a proper run out, how often do you do that? when i do a 300mile run i sleep all the next day! you can try raising your back 5mm at a time it will be rock solid till you over 20mm then steering starts to get quicker. i think if you get up to 15 you will notice the difference and the bike will still be rock solid.. there's many suspension companies wont change your ride hight due to litigation if you come off . the ride hight adjusters on the shocks are there to help you have that adjustment of choice.
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