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  2. Andrew Lawrence hit the nail on the head UK Gov and Pfizer / moderna do a deal for 114 million booster jabs - that's why Omicron is such an issue - can't waste them jabs can we
  3. haha i got to post this great cartoon
  4. Last week
  5. here is an interesting post from the Lancet, make what you think of it? 19th November 2021 if your vulnerable take it, if your not waste of time https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanepe/article/PIIS2666-7762(21)00258-1/fulltext High COVID-19 vaccination rates were expected to reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in populations by reducing the number of possible sources for transmission and thereby to reduce the burden of COVID-19 disease. Recent data, however, indicate that the epidemiological relevance of COVID-19 vaccinated individuals is increasing. In the UK it was described that secondary attack rates among household contacts exposed to fully vaccinated index cases was similar to household contacts exposed to unvaccinated index cases (25% for vaccinated vs 23% for unvaccinated). 12 of 31 infections in fully vaccinated household contacts (39%) arose from fully vaccinated epidemiologically linked index cases. Peak viral load did not differ by vaccination status or variant type [ [1] ]. In Germany, the rate of symptomatic COVID-19 cases among the fully vaccinated (“breakthrough infections”) is reported weekly since 21. July 2021 and was 16.9% at that time among patients of 60 years and older [ [2] ]. This proportion is increasing week by week and was 58.9% on 27. October 2021 (Figure 1) providing clear evidence of the increasing relevance of the fully vaccinated as a possible source of transmission. A similar situation was described for the UK. Between week 39 and 42, a total of 100.160 COVID-19 cases were reported among citizens of 60 years or older. 89.821 occurred among the fully vaccinated (89.7%), 3.395 among the unvaccinated (3.4%) [ [3] ]. One week before, the COVID-19 case rate per 100.000 was higher among the subgroup of the vaccinated compared to the subgroup of the unvaccinated in all age groups of 30 years or more. In Israel a nosocomial outbreak was reported involving 16 healthcare workers, 23 exposed patients and two family members. The source was a fully vaccinated COVID-19 patient. The vaccination rate was 96.2% among all exposed individuals (151 healthcare workers and 97 patients). Fourteen fully vaccinated patients became severely ill or died, the two unvaccinated patients developed mild disease [ [4] ]. The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identifies four of the top five counties with the highest percentage of fully vaccinated population (99.9–84.3%) as “high” transmission counties [ [5] ]. Many decisionmakers assume that the vaccinated can be excluded as a source of transmission. It appears to be grossly negligent to ignore the vaccinated population as a possible and relevant source of transmission when deciding about public health control measures.
  6. yes i'm afraid so i'm the clever one got a degree you know, he left school with nada and i'm better looking but learnt how to steal.. a skill you never lose he is a ghost person does not exist... no fixed abode ... it will seem he will have won the Euromillions in a few months time he is 64 he likes his ale... no doubt i'll be burying him in a few years time.. he does like his ale been chucked in the cells a couple of times because of it and once called me a Northern Wanker no doubt you'd like him and guess what he has manky toenails like you more outgrowing though
  7. Saw him in 86 at Leas Cliff Hall Folkstone, it was FAB BHM
  8. horses and cattle don't like straw contaminated with boys smells - got banned from hay barn too i spent a week in a farm in Yalding kent aged 11 we roamed the farm Simon had his dad's double barrel and me his Air rifle and then he strapped a 10 inch blade to his Johny 7 , his mum was furious as she nearly walked into it left in room behind bedroom door to keep out grown ups jealous as hell as Simon aged 11 also had a Ford Anglia he drove in the Orchard - they were loaded they took pity on me as i lived near the Gas Works in the town oh happy days forgot to add when playing hide and seek in the farm yard , he would also throw cooking apples at my head
  9. and bread and dip for tea some nights which was bread and dripping, really good if it had the breakfast bacon bits in it my mates dad had salted hams hung from his kitchen ceiling off their own pigs I don't think it was restrictive, Tea just got in the way, of Larkin about outside. or playing as some call it apart from that we had already eaten a good portion of soil and worms or dock leaves whilst curing nettle stings and bramble scratches , or the odd 4 inch nail we stood on. ( usually the plank we had just bashed it through) whilst falling out of the tree house we were making after the roof fell in on the underground den we built because we were banned out of the straw bale shed.
  10. i re-read.. i was not quite accurate - if only he had the Tommy sauce or Heinz salad cream Eye doctors in Bristol cared for the 17-year-old after his vision had deteriorated to the point of blindness. Since leaving primary school, the teen had been eating only French fries, Pringles and white bread, as well as an occasional slice of ham or a sausage. Tests revealed he had severe vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition damage. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-49551337
  11. we just used to eat Heinz salad creme sandwiches when we were younger for tea. didn't do me any harm. then our kid moved onto tommy sauce . he's not right in ed nothing wrong with ham and crisp sandwiches. we have em now for dinner at shop. when not having patty n chips
  12. Some genuine kids can tell - but it's worth testing before they get a 'grant' for it... lol White bread ? - I thought it was p0rn hubs fault...
  13. Dave Thorpe You are a Tit you need a good bang on the nose. read Kzin's post and take note.
  14. if i was the mother i would keep the old packets and put another make inside of it - sorted 4 year old kid would never know some kid recently 17 year old kid just ate white bread , ham and crisps - he wondered why his eyesight diminished.. to blindness
  15. If only it were more like FB - then I could see something I don't like and report it like a proper snowflake. A bit like seeing shit on the path and deliberately stepping in it. Dave... 2 things.. 1) Mark never said there weren't genuine cases and poor kids in terrible situations. No one has. This was specifically about snowflake pandering issues. 2) As already stated, this is the 'Bandwagon' section. Don't like it. Don't look. I have also noted over time that you frequent a Busa site, yet seem to hate them and do nothing but slag them off. This of course is entirely up to you, and personally I get the banter most of the time, but it does beg the question, why are you here if you hate them so much? - and on other subjects, do you deliberately want to be 'offended' all the time? - are all your buckets of shite bigger than everyone else's? - do you know best on every subject? - or would you simply prefer others not to have thoughts/opinions if they don't 'gel' with yours ? Not looking for answers here, just suggesting you spend a little time reflecting on your own motives. Not saying I'm in anyway right/better/more knowing on anything what-so-ever either. Just saying.
  16. you sir are a pussy of the highest order - no wonder peeps have been leaving this site in droves its called bandwagon to rant off , keeps this shit off the bike pages if you don't like it block me -
  17. You sir are a shit and holier than thou arse hole
  18. Bullshit most of That comes from their parents you’ll be saying where are in the middle of a pandemic next
  19. The shit you find to moan about Mark. But I’ve had to buy food for a child which only comfort was Chicken McNuggets and believe me you don’t want know what that small child had gone through. But it would make you wind your fucking neck in faster than it takes you to google crack pot stuff to spout shit about.
  20. Omicron- according to South Africa... South Africa say that it is weaker and causes less deaths "It presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough. There are no prominent symptoms. Of those infected some are currently being treated at home", Coetzee said Angelique Coetzee, the chairwoman of the South African Medical Association She was the whistleblower who claimed it was serious but now also says "symptoms are unusual but Mild" However, Dr Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association and a practising GP based in Pretoria, said it was “premature” to make predictions of a health crisis. “It’s all speculation at this stage. It may be it’s highly transmissible, but so far the cases we are seeing are extremely mild,” she said. “Maybe two weeks from now I will have a different opinion, but this is what we are seeing. So are we seriously worried? No. We are concerned and we watch what’s happening. But for now we’re saying, ‘OK: there’s a whole hype out there. [We’re] not sure why.’” so basically it's like mild flu https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/rest-of-world/south-african-medical-association-says-omicron-variant-causes-mild-disease/articleshow/87949404.cms https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/south-african-doctor-raised-alarm-omicron-variant-says-symptoms/
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