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  3. I’m not horrible but people just get in the way of my  temper when drunk 

  4. Have a good one buddy

  5. Hi Tam ,ive got a air box with mod & K&n filter ,bottem yoke & stem (brand new) if still looking.give me a tx on 07968729631 in still looking ! cheers


  6. Don’t come to Bangkok on a mission/operation if you don’t like ants and mosquitos 

    almost as bad as why I’m here!!!!

    Dynostar knows!



  7. please call or post about Ti force please 



    [email protected] 


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    @davetorpe @mark3evo @Busa Harbour man

  9. BHM still has not booked hotels !!  or arranged with mad matt what they are doing 


    1. mark3evo


      i thought matt has booked rooms , Ath and koblenz 

      i am sure as he asked me.  or at least i think :zipped:

      otherwise its me and thee  

    2. mark3evo


      it must be that BREXIT thingie.



      as i was going to think about booking chunnel train

    3. mark3evo
  10. PAGE 9  .

    there is a download file with hotels and route 


    1. davetorpe


      I seem to see this

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