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  1. @MikaS that must be one piss weak Gen2 no way does Gen1 1299cc match 1340cc torque
  2. Still waiting for the ECU unlock pointless to think about mods without the unlocking
  3. Yes but you Would hope the Gen3 midrange grunt would have stomped that must be a weight and gearing thing
  4. the Gen3 video starts well but near the end , he did a roll on with a 800cc MV augusta naked - Busa lost in all the roll ons go to 19:24
  5. i got a new rear tyre so i could try but no time at moment too busy with father's funeral and sorting my fathers estate etc i reckon > +4 seconds as that 'grabby' Gen2 i have always found difficult i did a 4.91 secs (don't laugh ) back in March - i know i can improve on that once rolling at 10mph i'm fine
  6. Bone stock 2021 zx14 more midrange than DD3 matched Tesla PLAD in roll on ONLY Gen3 lacked the grunt of mid range and top end - Tesla pulled away
  7. i rode that bike it's like a boomerang keeps coming back to dealers
  8. where is the fun in just burying the pedal to the floor i say no fun at all, after a while just seems boring need proper skill riding a bike edit - Gen3 launch control is slower than a pro-rider with manual Chris moore proved it
  9. now at 7,500 miles , after the first 600 miles so the Gen2 should be the same then Europe Oceania service intervals.pdf
  10. just needs some computer boffin to crack the code is it possible to use a Bazazz piggy bank device run parallel to current ECU
  11. he also says he is expecting tuners to crack the Euro5 ECU at the end of this year or early 2022
  12. more complex than Gen2 - what a pfaff to get to air filter not sure you can do much with those Velocity stacks the secondary injectors spray through the bottom - CM says wonders if petrol will spray out of the top is they were super short - like 40mm high
  13. Don’t think anyone has unlocked one yet
  14. might be useful to someone Related threads: What's under the cowl/pillion: Extra wire connectors | Gen 3 Busa Information Dealer mode switch: DEALER MODE / SERVICE RESET | Gen 3 Busa Information I confirmed today that the red plug is indeed a Euro 5 style ODB-2 connector...I hooked up an old (actually discontinued) ODB-2 reader I bought in 2010 and it just worked: Pinout Reference:Pin 1 (White/Red) - “Vendor Option” [ 9 ]Pin 2 (White/Black) - CAN BUS HIGH [ 6 ]Pin 3 (Black/White) - GND [ 3 ] [ 4 ]Pin 4 (White/Yellow) +12V (via ignition key) [ 16 ]Pin 5 (Black/Blue) - CAN BUS LOW [ 14 ]Pin 6 (nc) - unusedNote: on the ODB-2 connector, short [ 9 ] to [ 3 ] or [ 4 ] with a paper clip to reset the service reminder.Wiring Diagram: You can purchase an adapter from AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001315839816.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.53e14c4dmYC9u8 Note that there are dozens of marketplace ads for these items but I've verified this vendor sells an adapter that has the correct pinouts for Suzuki.
  15. Not a problem Roddy.....i have tried not to be grumpy best thing is to not watch the damn NEWS on the TV oh i'm getting grumpy again " NHS to allow Trans sexual sex offenders in women's only wards" as explained by this comedian
  16. just adding some bike posts been quite quiet on here Pretty quick though …I bet I couldn’t do 11 seconds with the grabby Gen2 clutch
  17. Moore racing 1/4 mile pump gas has 9.4 @ 150 mph with MR22 9.31 @ 152 mph Both with 41 rear sprocket and of course a prepped track
  18. finally on dyno still stock ecu 185 hp 110 torque he is confident 200 hp is possible on pump gas and 115 torque once tweaked
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