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  1. Most of the Russians are Siberian based cattle fodder
  2. I think a lot of the blown tanks lids is Them German anti tank personnel held missiles can go straight to tank or got to tank by dropping down on the Lid from above that is the weakest part
  3. Could be until you tried it don't knock it
  4. the world throws away too much food waste, 900 MILLION TONNES eat the apple cores https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-56271385
  5. you know he wont do that, Old FSB he has to continue otherwise he is seen to be weak and without any 'off ramp' are hard to envisage how this will come to a conclusion
  6. why .. because he is ill with cancer and has psychological problems, a key Ukrainian spy says a coup is planned , no doubt replaced by more healthy hardliners
  7. @MikaS bloody hell today - you must burn candles and whale blubber Russia is cutting your Electricity off you've not paid your bill https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/russias-inter-rao-halt-power-exports-finland-due-lack-payment-2022-05-13/
  8. Actually Turkey excel in small turned parts, good materials but cheap labour quite a lot of Automotive aftermarket parts are made in Turkey. There used to be a Turkish hall at Automeckanica German trade show
  9. i have made a vow not to watch any news for last 6 weeks nothing i can control or change, plus i'm too old to fire Javelin anti tank weapons
  10. i'm back spent 2 days at a ECO hut called a 'Yurt' no internet , no phone signal no electric outside bath and toilet and wood burners for heating pics later if your interested
  11. i think you are quoting " if you dont buy now they will all be sold by mid - summer 2021 "
  12. so what would you expect ?? for average level
  13. Gen3 pistons are 0.01 mm tighter in bore than Gen2 at min / max condition same ring end gap tolerance
  14. or different ring design ? or smaller throttle bodies all combined
  15. idling my time looking at the Gen3 manual one for @JOHN-DYNOSTAR and @MikaS no doubt right been comparing Compression pressure by cranking , the details in the Gen3 and Gen2 are different with both Gen3 and Gen2 having the same 12.5:1 CR OK so makes sense the 'old' Gen1 with 11:1 CR so:- Gen1 has 'dry' cranking 171-228 psi limit 128 psi 11:1 (yes that makes sense lower pressure than Gen2) Gen2 has " " 199-256 psi limit 142 psi 12.5:1 Gen3 has " " 203-276 psi limit 145psi 12.5:1 ?????????????????? Question: WHY does the Gen3 have a higher cranking pressure We know the Gen3 has new cams giving reduced overlap ---- does this give higher compression as more time to pump cylinder without losses??
  16. wow it reminds me of the 1066 Bayeaux tapestry
  17. John W is gonna leave messing around with that in the oncoming years, he will be wearing his head torch permanently
  18. @MikaSdo you like this sort of racing
  19. to be honest the majority of my riding is on the track called the queen's highway
  20. yes it's a sticker queen i note there is RR in model designation GSX1300RRQM2 Service Manual
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