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  1. John'll love this. Just the sort of info he needs to know, especially as he's itching to get hold of a gen 3.....
  2. Some people just like to have the latest thing first. Once others stop noticing, they sell... Also, let people sort out the bugs first. Next years model will have any of those ironed out (I'm not talking engine of basics here, they're sorted.)
  3. Yea... both have 2 wheels. Well spotted
  4. proof that they're all limited for top speed....
  5. As far as I know, that's only used for differentiating with the rear to limit spin for launch control (and of course for ABS itself)
  6. Lets face it, anyone under 6ft is a midget....
  7. Shoulda been against a 'full power' gen I.
  8. Think of it as the best of both worlds - and think of air flow at speed. Again, why do you think I mentioned it. I'm beginning to suspect too many of my comments fly over people. Maybe i need to be less obscure/subtle - like Enfa...
  9. Yea, but they have a hole in the bottom....
  10. Why not ? Some people are interested, and kind enough to post pics in case others are interested too. I am. I have no bike ATM, and am not likely to get a gen 3, but that does not mean I'm not interested. And the fact that I am, might just/has benefited you and others in the past with my interest in the gen 2, which I also don't have.
  11. good find. No further in on that clutch ? (ramping mech etc.) Interesting it only has 3 springs
  12. Sounds like something you get with your hearing, or legs as you age...
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