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  1. But Mika, it's good for ya
  2. I watched this yesterday, what an impressive car the Tesla is! I saw another video posted on this site where a bike was drag racing a different Tesla (bike won) but you could see the Tesla on the start line getting close to wheeling! I thought the gen3 had launch control, which presumably would take care of the wheelie, or is that only for the duration of 1st gear? How many of us have beat the Tesla's time ?
  3. Nice one mak, best thing about CW's used to be the cafe (not been to the new one) Were there any goodies in the tank bag
  4. I guess this is eactly why we now have sensors that measure all sorts, because we like talking about it and comparing riding styles etc. Also it does allow us to prove whether the chicken strips are because you're a chicken or if indeed that particular tyre profile you claim cannot be used to the edge . I guess launch control is going to be rarely used, but possibly useful at elvington
  5. Absolutely! If the gen 3 had a 1441, I'd have been straight on the phone to John to upgrade it to 1450 or something
  6. Yeah, perhaps they've adopted the microsoft philosophy, every other version is rubbish
  7. That's how you do it John, crush his spirit and then put your quote in
  8. How can it be worse on fuel and more economic at the same time
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