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  1. Bloke on the gen3 is a pro drag racer bloke on gen2 is a circuit racer.
  2. Haselmere must be that hidden suburb of Exeter I don't know
  3. Had my test ride at Bridge in Exeter yesterday. All the electronic nonsense minimised I gave it a damn good thrashing for an hour. It definitely is still a Hayabusa with that immense grunt from low down the rev' range unlike the "all at the top end" litre bikes. Has more low/mid range than the Gen2 but not by a huge amount. Still need to ping the clutch for 3rd gear wheelies. Riding the twisties of the old A30 (not the dual cabbageway) to Okehampton it went round the bends just fine. I did feel the turn in a bit quicker than my Gen2 but that could be simply down to new tyres. Suspension is a lot softer with loads of sag but coped well with rough and smooth roads, plush and efficient. You Gen 1 owners are right that the Gen2 was sanitised and lost some of the rawness of the original, well this is more so. Stupidly fast but stupidly civilised with it. I've said before, and the test ride confirms it; IF I had the money the changes would not persuade me to buy one. Whether Suzuki did right after all in being "practical" and broadly keeping to the established Hayabusa ethos or they should have given us what we dreamed of is debatable. Me, I'm keeping my old Gen2 and scraping the funds for an engine and chassis upgrade. Plan £5k for a much better bike than a trade in and another £10k for a new 'un.
  4. As Suzuki can't do a link that is usable they are deterring a lot of potential customers. And if the gen3 is going to be the same tired old formula with Euro4/5/6? compliance gubbins and stupid "up to date" electronics bollox that I certainly don't want It's a no thanks from me. I was hoping for something new and innovative...
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