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  1. I'm sure there's a GDPR issue here too....
  2. Looks like the first guy to die of omicron... may in fact have not done so. But don't worry, despite deaths for C continuing to fall (https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/details/deaths) - I'm sure we'll soon be in lockdown again. Yes I know the rate is rising, but what of it if the resultant issues are less ?
  3. Some genuine kids can tell - but it's worth testing before they get a 'grant' for it... lol White bread ? - I thought it was p0rn hubs fault...
  4. If only it were more like FB - then I could see something I don't like and report it like a proper snowflake. A bit like seeing shit on the path and deliberately stepping in it. Dave... 2 things.. 1) Mark never said there weren't genuine cases and poor kids in terrible situations. No one has. This was specifically about snowflake pandering issues. 2) As already stated, this is the 'Bandwagon' section. Don't like it. Don't look. I have also noted over time that you frequent a Busa site, yet seem to hate them and do nothing but slag them off. This of course is entirely up to you, and personally I get the banter most of the time, but it does beg the question, why are you here if you hate them so much? - and on other subjects, do you deliberately want to be 'offended' all the time? - are all your buckets of shite bigger than everyone else's? - do you know best on every subject? - or would you simply prefer others not to have thoughts/opinions if they don't 'gel' with yours ? Not looking for answers here, just suggesting you spend a little time reflecting on your own motives. Not saying I'm in anyway right/better/more knowing on anything what-so-ever either. Just saying.
  5. AstraZeneca - provided the vaccine at cost. Got reamed for it. Pfizer makes HUGE profits from theirs, and yet...
  6. Perzactly why I don't/won't have fibbook on my mobile... besides getting pissed then commenting from the pub and ending up in trouble. Also I do not sleep with my mobile in the same room. It's a great thing to have, but us it, don't let it use you....
  7. Divide and conquer. First you cause division, then you convince one side (the compliant ones) that the others are sub-human. The rest is history. Literally. In so many ages. You are not allowed to disagree. You are not allowed to question. If you think for yourself you're wrong because someone else told them a 'scientist' said so, and he knows better than you (the fact they don't all agree is somehow dismissed). The method is the same, only the scenario/argument/conflict changes.
  8. And this is how it started with the Jews..... First it was labels...
  9. Christmas init Orders on the estate time
  10. Part of it reminded me of this : We must all accept transgenders for who they are.... and yet they didn't accept themselves for who they were....
  11. Kzin


    All about clean energy, but how to use it efficiently when even simple stuff is rigged.... (basically bulbs from the Dubai deal are cheap, use less power, run cooler and last much longer. But no, we HAVE to buy tweaked shit that does none of those things.
  12. Kzin

    Mark evo

    Well I'm not interested in a backdoor section.
  13. Already heading that way. Look at cars, movies, music etc. Few 'own' these now, they just download/rent(pcp). And ooo look, less places accept cash now because, well pandemic. The grip is tightening. Doomed I tell ya
  14. Kzin

    Mark evo

    Admin, can we have a hardcore hetro bedroom section back please ? Lots of pussies please - and I don't mean snowflakes....
  15. Oo you tin foil wearer you. Don't you dare try think for yourself - who are you to do that. Everyone else knows best, plus they'll be offended if you disagree and then get all personal...
  16. Kzin

    Mark evo

    Don't mind me, just getting on the bandwagon......
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