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  1. I'd written off 2 cars before I learned to drive - though that would've made no difference as I wasn't in them when I wrote them off....
  2. Also when watching that first vid - though it's hard to tell, the follower tops look like they show signs of wear. If this is the case, that's very hard to do under normal wear, and not at 300 miles... edit : some of them.
  3. let me just get an electric car......
  4. First rule of bike :. Remove the crappy aftermarket alarm. It's crap. It will let you down. Gen 2 and presumably gen 3 have an immobilizer don't they ? Add a tracker, and get a baseball bat, jobs a good'un.
  5. @JOHN-DYNOSTARwill be happy. Means he can now do Gen 3's ! Something he's been waiting for with baited breathe
  6. Sounds like a lot of potential for cheap tweeking in there, cam timing and inlets, 3 cat removal. Torque does look better placed to me as is, but if you wanna play...
  7. tighter, and ability to seal are not necessarily the same thing also does it spin faster at cranking ?
  8. Less blowpast, better tolerances. Throttle bodies should be off/ WO anyway - if it can't breath at cranking speed forget the rest.
  9. Thank you for providing them in the first place
  10. Just what I was after - thanks I've stitched those images together too - better than the original smaller stitch but still subject to the resolution of those original pages, so not brill, but better.
  11. Most excellent. Thankyou muchly. Will help when I'm asked 'wirey' questions...
  12. Ok, I'll break it down - and I appreciate not everyone may be bothered, so was trying to point it out to give you the option of removal. You posted a link. In the link is your postcode. Use that on something like Google earth and this gives your street. It wouldn't take much more to find your house number. Et. voilĂ  - everyone knows where you keep your shiny new bikes. Now you might not keep them there, or you may use a 'pet' postcode that's not yours, but close enough in the town for such searches. I dunno - but personally I'd strip details like this from effectively public posts. But maybe I just live in the wrong area and so think like that...
  13. I was trying to indicate that perhaps the interweb it not the best place to put your postcode on.... Worth pulling stuff like that from searches before posting. FB is worst for adding it's little bit of code - I always strip that off.
  14. Nice - but you got my postcode wrong.....
  15. Gear selector switch needs cleaning... (though I'd join in on this one)
  16. interesting at 2:56 see it before it 'disappears' like the rest...
  17. 1991 Start agreement. Reduction, not adding flipped countries to the network... War is not the answer, but the USA are liars...
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