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  1. Maidstone don't like folks from Chatham i think HMP Maidstone is full of them
  2. that's why they call it a 2022 model anybody from here will have to wait till next winter
  3. Must be them fangled new injectors spray pattern deflection plates, reshaped combustion chambers, mild cam with more lift, smaller throttle bodies with increased Airbox volume , lighter internals
  4. I think they gave periodic service for H2R in hours cant remember might be 8 or 16 hours Maybe the 2 Kawasaki trolls on here can answer
  5. it really is a paired down range there is a nice modern H2 in John's dyno room it did have me thinking
  6. Maybe UK have more than USA at moment , i think because Final GEN2s are still in the showrooms
  7. according to Canada they have all sold their initial Tranche and that is 2 Basically i think countries have been allocated a small qty of demos USA get their bulk from June onwards
  8. No doubt in the next few weeks words would be dubbed over this old gem Gen3 will make 200hp at the wheels with exhaust and flash
  9. yeah so its INDIA so do they get the fast ones without Euro5
  10. Why the USA cos he is a fat fecker
  11. i thought at first it was BHM on his inaugural test ride, you know how them boys from Gravesend holler ..... but realised it was in the USA
  12. they call them Squids in the USA , and that fat boy is a squid who cant ride the bike can't even rev the fecking bike he needs to go on the MARTIN diet (trademarked) 1st job is to get a long pointy bar and break out the Catalyser there is one important note he has got his facemask on - so the world is safe
  13. i'm in your camp Martin but he has not a 41" waist more like 30" all that Rice and wasabi
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