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  1. FFS been trying to keep it quiet kees No quickshifter adjustment although looking at the dash settings on the busa vid there are 3 options for it It will work, woolich racing bought their own Hayabusa to test the kit on
  2. interesting bits on the cam timing and stuff. and the suzuki guy is funny now at the end
  3. I read this there is no links what is happening ? oh wait Madmatt is after a gen 3 so hiding the link
  4. source was busa forum on farcebook
  5. not sure if it is this one or an April fools joke running late date on here is 2016 Regulator-Rectifier Safety Recall Customer Letter.pdf
  6. what news on the recall something falls off apparently due to getting wet don't think its the rider
  7. well yes there was anecdotes and stuff and then mr meerscaum was introduced and I went to sleep
  8. I started to listen to it but went to sleep after the second guy was introduced. what happened
  9. and yours was 195 if I remember rightly when it was new with a system . 15 hp more gained by revs by the sound of it which is the head flow and cams and valve control stupid waste of money really because they have cracked the stock ecu
  10. and bread and dip for tea some nights which was bread and dripping, really good if it had the breakfast bacon bits in it my mates dad had salted hams hung from his kitchen ceiling off their own pigs I don't think it was restrictive, Tea just got in the way, of Larkin about outside. or playing as some call it apart from that we had already eaten a good portion of soil and worms or dock leaves whilst curing nettle stings and bramble scratches , or the odd 4 inch nail we stood on. ( usually the plank we had just bashed it through) whilst falling out of the tree house we were making after the roof fell in on the underground den we built because we were banned out of the straw bale shed.
  11. we just used to eat Heinz salad creme sandwiches when we were younger for tea. didn't do me any harm. then our kid moved onto tommy sauce . he's not right in ed nothing wrong with ham and crisp sandwiches. we have em now for dinner at shop. when not having patty n chips
  12. Dave Thorpe You are a Tit you need a good bang on the nose. read Kzin's post and take note.
  13. it is the phones which is why facebook works so well you can see this when the same question is asked twice 5 minutes apart and 20 different people reply separately to each question with different answers . it is also why posts go unanswered for days on forums. the same with messages . if its not in your face buzzing while 5 in the morning and it does happen regularly. like a little mammal that needs constant attention. Tempted to throw it in the bucket of water
  14. I sometimes wonder if people read all the posts or just the last ones. care and consideration . hmmm . from whoom !!!!!!!!!?????????? . the people who misuse the app, the people who have it and don't care who they give it to. the non mask users, the unvaxxed. people who come in the shop from all over the country. The demonstrators, the football hooligans, people who spit on the pavement or cough as I drive by on my motorcycle, supermarkets food handlers, postmen the list is endless . so yes lets crack on . because having spent two years building and hiding behind the barricades "just in case" and having the preventative jab I have it again for the second time. I have changed sides it's going to get you no matter what . I rang a customer yesterday and prewarned him that I have had Covid .In case he wanted to cancel his appointment "no worries mate , My mates had it and had his two jabs so he is ok. and all my family have had it, I'm the only one who has not so I will be ok. " with Logic like that we are all wasting our time so yes lets crack on and be positive another double entrende I have cared and considered for two years and watched the world go to hell in a handcart
  15. Well according to hitlerevo and his ginger friend it does not exist and I personally have phoophooed it several times as not been an issue 😂 no it’s not going so let’s crack on 😱👍🏻
  16. yes 15 days later still no taste and cannot even push a bike up the ramp into the van. managed 1/2 way up and just ran out o steam.
  17. Be it politics or COVID or jabs or climate change or hays Busa’s and Kawasaki’s
  18. ok so I had covid in 2019 before it was popular. caught it in Italy, came home from the bike show very ill, not in roddy's league of ill but similar symptoms. In bed for 3- 4 days nackered and a myriad of other stuff. .....last week was ill,,,, same symptoms as the 1st time . now there is a test. there was not then in 2019, I have had my two jabs got tested , positive , I was just as ill the second time as the 1st got my notification for a booster jab two days before I actually tested positive, I won't be having the booster as the jabs in my view have been a compete waste of time. Esther was ill and tested positive the 10 days before and had minor symptoms ( I say minor because I didn't have them ) while she was in isolation after her two jabs. bring your lead pipe round here. lead won't cure anything , I have heard in bullet form it stops things the only positive to come out of this is , water tastes the same as beer or tea or custard, saving money and losing weight , yes the texture is different,
  19. 3 of them 5 of them Oh and a tesla if you can get one there's a monkey init for ya
  20. Those pics are just what @Dillon tyre looked like when it blew out on the dyno at my shop. It wrecked the back of the bike and nearly did me in as well.
  21. told you they were junk supposedly sold out . even the demonstrator is not in demand https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3693638187403340/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Aeed6a50d-aa85-4ae5-be6c-4c3f4fdc21bc 2 grand off !!!
  22. Brock Davidson does not do the ecu . Guhl unlocks the ecu for him. so he has No real idea. what is it with the Americans and you. ?? bullshit city. # and the swedish dyno. what do you expect. if you go into your garden and turn your Lawnmower upside down and run the bike on the Grass roller the result will be similar pie in the sky finger in the wind think of a number Have you compared Mikas result with Sean's at BigCC because Sean's dyno reads the same as mine as Dodge has just informed me today . every time he has been to sean's and run on his dyno then run on my dyno the results have been the same within a hp or 2.
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