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  1. yes one in 25 years 2nd run, lost oil pressure and spun a shell on a big end due to blocked badly designed invisible Custom suction strainer screen . it became visible when the custom suction strainer was dismantled. And a badly designed mesh screen discovered, unfortunate for us. if the owner had done one more run before it came to us it would have happened to him . he was not aware there was a internal screen . took the crank and a rod . one of my friends brought a blackbird engine to us to test. Torpedo was working for me then and had hold of the throttle Brand new vance and hines big valve cylinder head . valve seat came out 2nd or 3rd run. tinkle rattle rattle , 3 cylinders. normally long faces all round but Dave been Dave laughed , he sure does know how to make friends the engine was built by the electrician for one of his grasstrack cars you may remember
  2. sorry but it would just make a noise with a big clearance and as you said you should hear it . it has to be revved to valve spring bounce for the valve to float one tap from the piston and the keeper comes out. but the springs/valves have to be floating for this to happen ie totally out of control and out of timing with the piston and cam. a big valve clearance is not going to let this happen unless you are on the limit or just past it . which is why you have competition springs and valves. engines on the dyno exceed their parameters often at 50 - 800 miles from new but fair play to him for doing good detective work in identifying a potential problem . how many of these does it need for a recall
  3. that motor has been on valve bounce for a long time for the collets to come out . love to see the tops of all the other valve retainers
  4. sorry after 2 minutes of listening. If he or any of his family "hit" the rev limiter . the engine would definitely be "toast" by the time they shut the throttle fast reactions NOT probably has really good 60' times at the drag race edit watched the vid and had to laugh at "factory defect"
  5. So do you, which is why you keep quoting him. He is an internet influencer Must be earning a fortune off YouTube . watch bad chad for proper car repairs
  6. Just to show an unbiased view on it all , here is a scooter tuners view with a different dyno https://www.pedparts.co.uk/blog/moped-tuning-all-about-dynos there is a common thread here
  7. right have a good look at the dyno he uses remember fuel injection needs load to function properly ? ( read about it ) then look at these pictures old 100/150 dyno jet dyno . + upgrade to eddy current made by you know who , because dynojet did not have one. I went to the Dynostar factory to buy and upgrade for my dynojet 100 which I had upgraded to a 150 spec with the aid of a floppy disc, (remember them), it gave us DIN hp which was bigger numbers whoo!! the rest is History I had to have the upgrade to be able to tune fuel injection back in 2005. Then Dynojet built a new new dyno completely , but yellow and still used the old dos based software. the story of dynojet HP figures https://www.motortrend.com/how-to/dynojet-chassis-dyno/
  8. so @Martin power graphs for stock bikes from members here tested in SAE look in RH column for Hp figures not my description writing these random bikes and runs I have picked 175hp to 181 hp inc albabusa, ayobusa, and evobusa . stock but not sure on cans or not
  9. Well I watched it all. a No load dyno like my old Dynojet. keep doing runs till you get a good number. .I had 20 years ago. should of made more power in the cold and wet conditions. But it didn’t. you cannot set up fly by wire throttles properly without live data screens. he was just bench flashing and shooting in the dark . So didn’t do a bad job. Still a Dead Duck 3 even with a pipe on. But we will see in 4 weeks when the Brocks Alien head arrives here for a Gen 2 next week if it gets through customs 😱 it may be the pipes yet who knows did anyone read the comments about the other stuff ? . I just couldn’t
  10. MIKA can you get Sami to open the bin file on woolich he does not need to buy them , just look at description there are two binfiles just see country of origin before he does anything it may help @Vanishing Point please take note of the same statement told ya moore had to find a hook I'm not rushing because I can't at the moment
  11. inlet 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 20.5 26 18 17 55.5 53 60 49.5 exhaust 13 17 7 11.5 42 39 52 49.5
  12. play with this while you wait https://www.blocklayer.com/degree-wheel.aspx
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