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  1. told you they were junk supposedly sold out . even the demonstrator is not in demand https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3693638187403340/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3Aeed6a50d-aa85-4ae5-be6c-4c3f4fdc21bc 2 grand off !!!
  2. Brock Davidson does not do the ecu . Guhl unlocks the ecu for him. so he has No real idea. what is it with the Americans and you. ?? bullshit city. # and the swedish dyno. what do you expect. if you go into your garden and turn your Lawnmower upside down and run the bike on the Grass roller the result will be similar pie in the sky finger in the wind think of a number Have you compared Mikas result with Sean's at BigCC because Sean's dyno reads the same as mine as Dodge has just informed me today . every time he has been to sean's and run on his dyno then run on my dyno the results have been the same within a hp or 2.
  3. mark get real aero's look at the average size of a rider these days. aero's only matter/work if you have a little bloke on them . proved by the high squeeky voice footrests on a busa. The amount of people who cannot believe how comfortable a zzr is after been scrunched into a race tuck on a busa. please note; this does not apply to short blokes who actually fit a busa am I racist or shortist , I'm not sure, but its a fact of course some people are eating plants so the bend like a willow , well done
  4. what does reaction time 0.2 and -0.5 mean if as i keep saying the primary gear Ratio (clutch to crank) is different then the whole thing is bollocks because the gearing is different , so is the torque , and on certain Dyno's so is the power when compared. if the gearing is different then one bike will accelerate faster and go faster in a shorter distance. (check out the DD3 clutch housing. )
  5. Improves the top end. Too big a hole and you lose the advantage of long stacks. If the hole is too big the stacks basically become short stacks. Dependant on where the hole is drilled. We moved the hole up and down and varied the size to find the best improvement.
  6. See the holes we did that on Nick browns CBR1000rr [email protected]#%a that did 200 mph at Elvington , it nice to be copied 😀
  7. same as the zx14's charcoal canister for emissions.. on the 14 they fit in the fairing
  8. Thanks for that good honest review about what everyone else says reading between the lines without the bias .
  9. it is the elctronic throttle that is the key . if its not fully open on the runs then it will do more if not its dead a dead duck
  10. dreamers but read my post above yours
  11. so tell me clever bonce Oh its ok I forgot I realise now . its fly by wire they are not needed the throttle like the kawasaki H2SX will close itself regardless of where you hold the physical throttle the computer will close the throttle . mmmm it may have some big cams in there and the throttle just not opened at all I wonder what Sami saw when he looked in the throttle bodies
  12. ye ye ye yeh read this and weep Jos uuteen pyörään vaihdetaan paremmin virtaava Akrapovicin kokoputkisto ja mahdollisesti paremmin virtaava ilmansuodatin, niin seoksen pitäisi olla paljon paremmin kohdallaan jo ilman säätöäkin. Odotettavissa on, että teholisäys on merkittävä. Lisäksi Akrapovic on tällä kertaa valinnut Busan kokoputkistoon selvästi suuremman primääriputken kuin aiemmissa malleissa. Edellisen mallin putkistossa alkukäyrän pieni halkaisija olikin syynä siihen, että Akrapovicin putkistolla ei saatu aivan kaikkia moottorin sisältämiä hevosvoimia vapautettua käyttöön. Tässä vaiheessa siis näyttää siltä, että uuden Hayabusan moottori on vakiona edellismallia tehokkaampi, ja lisäksi odotettavissa on merkittävää tehonlisäystä putkiston vaihdolla ja mahdollisella seosten säädöllä.
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