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Dead DUCK 3 , DD3, The new generation GEN 3

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36 minutes ago, Busa Harbour man said:

But there is this:

Kawasaki ZZR1400 for sale for £15849 in Thatcham, Berkshire (autotrader.co.uk)


Decision decisions.....Back to back test rides required.....

Kawk has all the whistles and bells, cheaper to...




but without the Hill hold

i remember MCT saying when fitting my rear ohlins

Darren said new zzr1400 nice bikes a very plush ride like sitting in an armchair :D

Conatser Manual Recliner


he took mine out and Darren said wow the Busa rides like  old skool 

Image result for brittain motorcycle

choose your weapon :cool:

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but seriously can you live with sub 42 mpg with DD3 :poke:

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As for me i'm gonna re-freshen my engine to go with new wheels suspension - 1441 hopefully back to Euro0 :cool:

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TTS superchargers ,

10-12 bhp from gas flow , 

electronic restriction called " electronic aids"

give your heads a shake . 

common sense has left the building. It did the moment we saw the video

with the suzuki engineers .

if you buy one you will spend you life trying to convince everyone how good it is.

40hp extra 

unless there is something they are not saying.

things are already out of hand in rumour world as people are saying the engineers tried a 6 cylinder turbo.

( I am sure in the video they said we tried many things, 6 cylinder , turbo , non worked as well as what we already have.)

Turbo's do work, but from my point of view in this context the jury is out

we all know 1441 works but the sites biased DD3 supporters have suppressed the evidence saying its lost.

nobody listens they only hear what they want to. so the DD3 will be a world leader as the few try to convince the many. 

 I give up :D

DD3  owners will in future share a club stand at the motorcycle show with the Flat Earthers society




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There is a lot on bickering now on Facebook busa sites 

people are being shown the door :zipped:

if the yanks were face to face guns could be involved 

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for BHM. and torpedo   I just booked to go 

ZZR 1400 Club Italia MEETING
- 2021
Hi, you are invited to participate in the great European event for owners of the fantastic Kawasaki ZZR 1400 motorcycle.
As always, it will be a fantastic experience, immersed in the strip of land between the Apennine mountain range and the Tyrrhenian Sea.
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