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  1. None of it matters for you Mark, they already have your DNA and your replacement shall be along shortly BHM
  2. Saw him in 86 at Leas Cliff Hall Folkstone, it was FAB BHM
  3. As: Thread posted by an: "Early adopter, at risk category, soon to get his 3rd jab super booster" DR EVO
  4. Bloke on the GenIII looks at lot bigger and has a shittier take-off BHM
  5. This is why the airbox is so big.... and the fuel tank small BHM
  6. Did you have to sign some form of "Non-disclosure agreement" to have the test ride.... perhaps your old Gen2 is just clapped-out BHM
  7. So did you saw a tooth off your sprocket BHM
  8. Unfortunately anyone that has contracted to buy one is presently restricted from openly saying so BHM (quicker, lighter, prettier)
  9. Had my call from Laguna today , funnily whenever I had been there in the past to buy a Busa the sales team just blanked me as though I was keeping out of the rain. Guy says first shipment (200 ish) all sold, although I suspect a certain amount of 'back-handers' may well make one pop-up as if by magic BHM (might give Robinsons a call tomorrow)
  10. I heard that there already getting 210hp S&B, up jet and port it 😉 Well it worked for the fizzy Bhm
  11. But there is this: Kawasaki ZZR1400 for sale for £15849 in Thatcham, Berkshire (autotrader.co.uk) Decision decisions.....Back to back test rides required..... Kawk has all the whistles and bells, cheaper to... BHM
  12. To true. But your bike no longer complies even with Euro 1 emissions Bhm
  13. Forgive me Hayabusa, for I have sinned: I did google for new zzr1400's...... BHM
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