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  1. Test ride from drag racers point of view, G3
  2. I am not so sure about that either, if you have 1441 kit in gen2 the gen3 can jump off the line quicker but more power and torque will soon take you past it
  3. No help for tuning the ecu , there are few bikes still from 2019 or 2020 with no tuning abilities , for the stock ecu. The rider was pleased, as we know there is the speed limiter still unremoved, it cant go faster than that, well, changing gearing might help, or some other tricks. it looked fast, very smooth launch, compared to these other guys, long swingarms , spinning the tyre but if there was any more tuning done than just slip-ons, the other bikes were faster, couple bikes ran 217-218mph
  4. We had a standing mile event today, there was one guy on a stock Gen3 Busa, it ran 300kmh on the last try, he was so proud, the bike was so fast, i think only gen1 with slip-on`s was slower, i did 200mph , wind was pushing quite strong on the side, our team`s junior member ran 207mph on a 1441cc Gen2
  5. Just got off the phone with Sami, he told they have lots of 2020-2021 bikes to tune and no tools to do it with, he said their ecu`s look similar, 3 connectors, like in the gen3, more electronics, bigger job to crack the ecu.
  6. No way CBR can do 0-300kmh in 14.2s without a turbo
  7. That is how you get good 40-140 times, it must be record breaking
  8. Whats this about then, is it just fake or what ?
  9. Difference is so small at the finish line it can be caused by rider experience or size,
  10. How big was the difference testing ?
  11. Its funny how the graphs differ , different dynos and days, we need the gen3 to run the mile in Elvington, just take out the restrictions
  12. So, around 195miles on gen1 would be good then
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