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  1. allright, so i have lost some 170hp on my gen1, must be the high mileage
  2. 210hp from DD3 , and how much was it from Gen2 ?
  3. Where did i hear that H2R has recommended hours before replacing the engine internals, ??? One of our streetman drag racers used a H2 , he had long swingarm etc , i think he managed a season or two before the engine failed, now he has B-king with turbo
  4. Mekinley is rare individual for being so young, he is starting to understand what power and speed means to the soul
  5. Like using double bubble screen ? Except some smaller riders get more speed with stock screen vs DB , even when their helmet is higher , why is that ?
  6. Now with a closer look i dont like the rear light anymore. Apologies for the younger members, but i think the gen3 was designed by younger generation which is living in virtual world and has no idea of true values, play video games and think its the reality they cant understand why hyperbike needs big power engine, it is not because you need to go even faster, it is because you just need to have it
  7. This was a good one, you see, gen3 , biggest frontal area = slowest top speed
  8. I will wait for the IV , or death , what ever comes first
  9. Why i do not agree hyperbikes becoming obsolete, what is better than riding powerful bike from here to sunset, fast and easy, it is the people, they dont understand true values of life, go after cheap and pointless things, i see it every day
  10. I have some on paper but they cant be compared as they are EU standard graphs, and you are not in eu anymore
  11. Carpenter makes race head porting, put that head in and you will lose as much as gain in other spots.
  12. "For example on the previous generations you can replicate that same dyno chart by advancing the exhaust cam and either leaving the intake cam alone, or retarding it a few degrees. (Referred to as spreading the centers) That will decrease valve overlap. When you do that, you’ll see the engine produce a much broader tq, and hp curve, but with the sacrifice of overall peak power. Definitely going to be some big gains there I would think." Decreasing overlap also decreases peak power ?
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