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  1. It is quite hard doing consistent 0-60 times, allright, i had +3.5" swingarm and Shinko as rear tyre, the track was not glued, like proper drag race tracks are, but had extra rubber stuck on the asphalt, so its called unprepped, 0 to 60mph times, when managed to get grip, 2.6 - 2.8s very easily slipped to 3s+
  2. What was your 0-60 time ? I am going to try it tomorrow, i dont have very good idea how quick my bike would be, or me on it..
  3. Again, 1441cc would have matched the Teslas performance, very hard to launch though
  4. Moore chose not to use the launch control, as he earlier found out being quicker without. He did 2.8s 0-60mph , Tesla Plaid is supposed to go 1.8s 0-60mph , so there is no chance. I asked a friend who just raced on the quarter, and i knew he used the device recording the run, he said 2.8 - 3s 0-100kmh, streetbike 1441cc. I guess i will be closer to 4s. Also , if Tesla goes 9.2s the quarter mile, i saw two bikes last saturday going 9.0 and 9.1s , without turbo or nos, they were 1441cc with almost pro racer, other was burning nitromethane, or something that i smelled half way down the track. My friend did 9.49s , which i think was very good for 1441cc n/a with pure street tyre, no Shinko, it had extended swingarm and quickshifter.
  5. Where does the i go ? or other letters,
  6. Now it has happened, production car accelerates faster than Gen3 Busa, they should have made it 1441cc, (how do you say "plaid" , if i was just reading it i would say "played", not "p+ lad")
  7. Great for top speed events
  8. Dont be surprised if it takes much longer than that, everything is jammed now, part deliveries, borders, people...
  9. Usually , and i bet also in this case, the secondaries start spraying when the air flow is already high, there is a chance to use short stacks and still injectors will do their job. Just an opinion.
  10. Stripping the bike, why the tank cover panel, whats the purpose ?
  11. You would fit in our group very well
  12. I guess so, and when he get it stretched, it would be very low 9s, like the gen3 in other videos
  13. Was it a 120/60 front tyre ? I have good example when taking off the one front brake caliper, he will be fine with the 130mph on 1/8 mile, it seems there is quite short braking distance though, but going to 1/4 mile it becomes questionable, maybe not on stock gen3 , but lets see what modifications they make by time,
  14. Moore keeps saying that Gen3 is heavily restricted and it becomes much faster when they crack the ecu, but, i remember watching a video where this guy in US tells that Busa is the same everywhere, not restricted, as smaller gsxr are. He is going to be surprised when the bike is in dyno and flashed.
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