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  1. https://www.gtmotorcycles.com/pages/about/meet-the-team.htm Pretty sure the guy who owns it is Mike Grainger? is known by the guys who go racing.
  2. Not you 😂 Jeez, do i have to look it up myself
  3. Which dealer was it John? Don't we have someone down in Plymouth?
  4. I saw something similar. BUT, how many would we want
  5. So it's here (ISH) and we have a new forum specifically for the gen 3. Hopefully we'll have some good content in here as folks begin to buy one Time will tell
  6. I wasn't sure about the styling at first...didn't like the back end or the pointy side bits, but now I really do like the look of it especially in black. When it comes down to it, the only thing I don't like about it is the mpg.
  7. I don't tend to go on there. What does Thomas have to say?
  8. Price is ok, but I'd pay more for one of those ballbearing timing cog thingys. Maybe John could fit one???
  9. I think they had to say that otherwise you'd have the Winnebago cruise control debacle Jury is still out as to whether or not I buy one Or wait another lifetime for the gen 4 And I agree, I'll never be able to push it as hard as it's capable of.
  10. It's my limits I want to push. The bike will I think always stop quicker, corner harder etc than me, but with Ai in place, it's likely to boost my confidence, wether it does it or me, for me that's irrelevant. All about the ride and the enjoyment you get from it.
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