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  1. It's ok, there will be some bolder newer graphics next year 😂
  2. I had the same but with a Samsung. Called Vodafone up to complain and all they wanted to do was sell me a new one. I told them I'll leave then. Half hour later, phone back to operating like new.....and continued to do so until I replaced it.
  3. That may be true, but don't let that stop you from letting the rest of us know what we're missing @keithzx
  4. @Harada Keisuke And thank you for your translation
  5. Or does it take the speed from the front wheel abs senor if it was off the ground
  6. Did they mention they topped the tank up or estimated whats left? Maybe the manual says about 3 liters left I wouldn't assume anything. This journalism seems to be very easy if you make assumptions....for example, they test ride a bike, and if you have never ridden one before, you have to take their word for it....then you buy and you wonder if you bought the same model . We know the gen 1 and 2 mileage is about 10% out.....the gen 3??? What was the gearing on the gen 1? Take it with a pinch of salt
  7. Meh Oh, it's okay, I'll go paint a 1 in front Remember that Mercedes Mark, think it was an AMG E63 S Estate That was quick on the Melton TT but boy did it make us laugh making all sorts of shapes to get round the corners....his stability control was working hard
  8. Well that sounds "accurate" why are people so dim It will be fine at 50 mph But yeah i know what you mean
  9. , but your brother has "borrowed" them
  10. Yep, I'm off to row with the rest of the slaves, lucky me
  11. Fair point Ian......get your 100000 miler on the Dyno Mark. It would be interesting to see if it's lost any ponies
  12. Well youll Well you'll have to ask them. Maybe Mark has the answer there. Apparently York say 300 busas in the UK. 200+ sold. Every dealer was supposed to have at least one in stock plus a demo. They're down to 15 demos to share between all the dealers in the UK. Nine in stock at dealers. Any stock left is in Milton Keynes to be delivered to dealer once sold. I'm going to wait til a year or before John etc have had a proper look.at one.
  13. If the new wheel is replaced with a better-flowing Akrapovic full piping and possibly a better-flowing air filter, then the mixture should be much better in place even without adjustment. It is expected that the power increase will be significant. In addition, Akrapovic has this time chosen a clearly larger primary pipe for the entire bus system in Busan than in previous models. In the piping of the previous model, the small diameter of the initial curve was the reason why not all the horsepower contained in the engine could be released on the Akrapovic piping. Thus, at this stage, it seems that the engine of the new Hayabusa is more efficient as standard than the previous model, and in addition, a significant increase in power is expected with the replacement of the piping and the possible adjustment of the mixtures.
  14. No i was just wondering.....dealer says be nice to it 600 miles, don't rev it blablabla Seems like Finnish Dyno guy says it's ok
  15. @JOHN-DYNOSTAR Muppet question, is that wise running in a bike this way
  16. We left it that he's going to call me in about 2 weeks time. I was both reeling and stunned. By then I'll have gathered my thoughts and have something "nice" to say to him @roddy a thief indeed Mr Suzuki offered me iirc something like £6-£6.5k for mine not long before they closed on a px if the gen 3 were a thing back then. So i was expecting not less than £5k. I need to do some research to see what its actually worth. I was apparently knocked down on the fact that i hadn't serviced it this year / it needs a new rear tyre and there's a couple of scratches on the fairing that I've covered up. Because of that i offered the vulcan to see where he was at. When he said about the same, i knew exactly. Please be careful of any dealer selling Suzuki's near where i live , not that they're all bad....just the one, so far
  17. Wished i hadn't bothered Mark £3 - £3.5k I wondered first whether to either, sell privately or break it for spares, then i thought i'd offer the vulcan S as that's "as new" to see where he was at BUT he only offered the same..... for a bike that's mint with only 1000 miles on it They currently sell for £5k minimum
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