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Ukraine a disaster for them :(


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1 hour ago, Martin said:

ok BOT.

One thing i've been keeping an eye on are Russian losses. These losses are what Ukraine say they have distroyed.

I look at the numbers and take away 25% to get a more real world figer. But even doing that the losses are high and IMO are not worth the lives of the russian or ukraine soldiers.

These are as of today, Day 80.

I do not know what Ukraine have lost as they are keeping that quiet, But i think its around the 10 to 12,000 figer of soldiers killed so far.


Day 80.png

Most of the Russians are Siberian based cattle fodder 

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Phone call between the 2 leaders today.

"The Russian leader is also reported to have told Mr Niinisto there are no security threats to Finland, and that a change in Finland's foreign policy would be negative for bilateral relations."

In my book whatever Russia (Putin) says, he mean the opposite.


@mark3evo "Most of the Russians are Siberian based cattle fodder"   That is only the conscripts.

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Saw a youtube the other day showing a russian tank hitting 2 anti tank mines being lifted noff the floor,  the comments were

"that is NEXT LEVEL engineering! Russian ships transform into submarines and Russian tanks transform into aircraft. They haven't quite nailed it down yet, but major kudos for such visionary minds."

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