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  1. It's one thing owning a car, motorbike, van ect ect. But it's another thing how much they get used. I have 2 cars and 3 bikes + the Alfa, But i can only use one at a time. Everyone is making money off the fact we still need to Tax and insure and MOT the ones we use on the road. We make no more or less Co2 owning more than one motor. And i don't think it will be in our lifetime that everyone will be driving an EV, not the way the cost of living it going up.
  2. I had a nice SAAB 93 TID. Very quick car for a 1.9 Diesel, it looked very smart with it's 19" Black alloys on. Px it for a Mazda 6, wish i kept the Saab. I spent a lot of time keeping the Black paint work looking good.
  3. The contractor who was paid to do the work. The wife got a total of about £17.5k. The solicotors had about £10.5k , The insurance got £2.5k, Sick pay (Gov) got £500, Joy got just under £4k
  4. Why would you want that . I think these sort of bikes just get used at night on the strips where people are sitting trying to have a drink outside.
  5. Back in around 2011 the wife bought a kawasaki er6f if you can remember me posting about it. She came off on that shell stuff they put down and left loose on the road with no signage just 6 weeks after buying the bike . It took over 3 years to get the money back for damage to the bike, loss of earnings and a broken leg. after everyone else was paid she got around £4k.
  6. Seeing one out of the dealers in someone home, they do look a lot nicer in the real world. But still can't deal with the price tag. Maybe when they are under 10k used and the cost of living is under control. But then again, i don't do the mileage to warrant buying one. What i've not had, i won't miss. anyone got a winning loto ticket they don't want
  7. This could have happend to anyone, Suzuki are making so many engines that there is going to be a % that will have a fualt. It's just a shame that this engine was used for racing from the off. just a bit of bad luck really. The guy has 5 Gen3 busa's and has had loads of Gen1 & Gen2 and as he said this is the first time this has happend. I think he's been very lucky over the years.
  8. If your thinking of fitting an alarm to you Gen3, Please read the link below first. I found this thread on the ORG. and thought the info in it is worth knowing. DON'T fit an alarm until you have read it. Read the whole thread. Alarm warnings and conditions
  9. The pops and bangs are not for me. And i think most people over 50 would think the same as me. So going by the figers he was getting on the dyno with the DD3. What would have been the figers of a Gen2 with the same bolt on bits.
  10. Back on topic (sort of) Went out on Tuesday and we did 70 miles. Filled both bikes up today and it cost £24.71 It cost £12.47 to fill the xj6f and £12.24 to fill the Busa @ £1.83 ltr. So both bike were getting about 46mpg. The xj6f now has a full Leo Vince system fitted so i think that why it's down on mpg, from 53mpg to 46mpg. As for the Busa, I'm happy with anything over 40mpg.
  11. you can if you playing with sport bikes and you don't want them to pass you.
  12. When i had my Gen1 i use to love getting the bike over. But now i'm 10+ years older i'm injoying the views more so ride slower. I also remember catching a old type ball cats eye with my exhaust on the vfr12 when it was not that old and H.onda wanted £1600 for a new one, which i did not buy. Was going way to fast for the bend, silly boy i was.
  13. So i have just got off the phone with my bank. The lady was very helpful. She removed the pending from the money morrisions fuel had on my account for the fuel i did no have. BUT she has said as i used my PIN with the card in the fuel pump, Morrisons can still take the money upto 6 months.
  14. Just seen the 2023 colours and Suzuki have pinched my idea. One of the new colours is Thunder grey with a deep red.
  15. I know i wont be paying at the pump again, i will wait for a non card payment pump to become free. At our Morrisons station, the 2 pumps on the far left are card payment only pumps now. I will say, how many of us read the small signs on the fuel pumps. I dont know about you guys, but I'm watching what i am doing when messing with fuel and not reading the small printed signs.
  16. It's now £100 @ Morrisons petrol stations. When it was the £1 pending you knew what it was for and made sure the money was in the account for the fuel. Now you have no choice in the matter and the £100 or all your money upto £100 goes into pending. It's not right. As i said above i have £200 pending for £32 of fuel
  17. A little heads up to you guys. Be careful when using the card payment on the fuel pump when you get fuel. I did this yesterday and the pump played up. It did not give me any fuel the first time, but i now have £100 pending for fuel in my bank account for it. This is not a big problem as i have money in the account. What has pissed me off, is that it will now take a week to free the funds as its a long bank weekend. I don't think its right that they can freeze this amount of money as pending. As now i have £200 in total pending for £32 of fuel. As i only found out when i checked my bank account at our first stop for a coffee. When i spoke to the fuel station about this late in the day, they told me that even if you only have £40 in your account and have just £10 of fuel, the whole £40 will go and be pending leaving you £0 in your account. Just so you know this was at Morrisons. They said the system has only just changed for taking just £1 pending as it did before to the £100 pending. From now on the wife and I will only pay for fuel inside the station now. I wonder how many people have been put in the sh!t with this system. which i think is wrong.
  18. It won't be long before there are Gen2 out there with Gen3 parts fitted. Like with the Gen1 ass end, fairings & forks swap for the Gen2 parts. Already seen a Gen2 with Gen3 end cans fitted.
  19. Phone call between the 2 leaders today. "The Russian leader is also reported to have told Mr Niinisto there are no security threats to Finland, and that a change in Finland's foreign policy would be negative for bilateral relations." In my book whatever Russia (Putin) says, he mean the opposite. @mark3evo "Most of the Russians are Siberian based cattle fodder" That is only the conscripts.
  20. Also did you know the Ukraine soldiers call the russian tanks a "Jack in the box". This is because the way the Russians store the ammunition inside the tanks that when it is hit it blows the top off the tank. Thats why you see all the photo of tanks without the tops on them.
  21. ok BOT. One thing i've been keeping an eye on are Russian losses. These losses are what Ukraine say they have distroyed. I look at the numbers and take away 25% to get a more real world figer. But even doing that the losses are high and IMO are not worth the lives of the russian or ukraine soldiers. These are as of today, Day 80. I do not know what Ukraine have lost as they are keeping that quiet, But i think its around the 10 to 12,000 figer of soldiers killed so far.
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