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  1. That looks a right pain to work on, having to remove so much just to lift the tank .
  2. Moore said the gen3 has 2 lamba's. Is one a low band and one a high band ?
  3. Good job my VFR12 got W/O. The Gen 3 does nout for me. The price is on par with the VFR12. I paid £13.5k for it in 2012 so thats about £16k in todays money. But is the finish of the DD3 as good as H,o,n,d,a. ?????????????
  4. OK, I've bought one, But then i woke up and it was just a bad dream. But i bet BHM has one coming
  5. IF the DD3 need to much work to make the power that people want, will there secondhand value be lower than Gen 1&2's as kit car buyers won't want the engines from the DD3
  6. 30" waist. not seen that size since i was 10
  7. I'm not one for speed anymore, So the engine is ok with me, apart from the MPG. I like the look of the Gen3 in the Gen1 copper/silver. But The price is to much for me to spend on a bike as i don't do the miles anymore. Mark has the right idea spending money on his Gen2 engine as its a bike he loves to ride. I've only just got my Gen2 so i'm still on my honeymoon with it.
  8. The cost of importing a new 2019 or 2020 gen2 from the USA to the UK is not worth it. The cheapest new gen2 i have found is $12,997 or £9,423. You then have 6% duty & 20% VAT plus £700 to £1000 shipping. Your looking at a total of between £12,700 & £13,000.
  9. I am also starting to like the front part of the side fairing, not the grilles. It looks very clean lined and then they add kawasaki grilles.
  10. Ok, so the views from you guys is your not happy about the engine and the HILL thing ( which Evo needs ). But what about the looks of the new styling, have suzuki got it right or not. Do you like it. ? I only like the backend and the rear lights. The DRL on the front which are indicators as well can be added to anybike for £20 for 2 bulbs and a extra live wire.
  11. 51 pages of people views on the DD3, I wonder how many there was in 2007/8 about the gen2 . and if the views were the same ??????????/
  12. Here you go Mark, just come up on eBay. Its cheaper than a gen3, Engine
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