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  1. Ironically, the lazy gear changing power is what encouraged me to change to a v twin.. now Im looking at travelling back
  2. Can't help but think it gets a bit like moped owners racing each other 30 31 or even 32!! It was never about ultimate speed for me, plus so many american YouTube's have such irritating accents..
  3. Pillock... I didnt see the Japanese mention till I had scrolled down the manual, and scrolled and scrolled
  4. Im looking forward to great offers in late August or September I asked about px my 2019 KTM 1290GT (1300 miles, courtesy of covid...) £6500 plus my bike..) pauses for abusive replies.. Rekon I'll have my 4th busa by winter
  5. Wrong colour methinks.... having said that my 1st busa was bronze an silver... (Which I grew to love)
  6. I dont understand why they try to screw the Busa around a track, feels like write it quick, its not what its designed for. Although I do like mcn au
  7. shhhh dont tell everyone, we'll never get a good deal
  8. Do you think suzuki came up with a price then stuck loads of "extras" like hill start on it to try and justify the cost?
  9. Haven't managed to save up £16.5k during this covid shit
  10. That means I can stop going to the local suzuki dealership every weekend to look through the window
  11. I love the way Simon Hargreaves can say one thing and imply another. Him and his mate do a brilliant podcast... Front end Chatter
  12. I found the bit where he said they are still selling the gen 2 Busas everywhere else except europe a bit piss offing to be honest.. but thats even less reason to spend an extra 5K on gen3 instead of new gen 2
  13. What is he going to say? Everyone is waiting for someone else to buy one?
  14. guessing.............. as an addition not replacement
  15. I really hope Suzuki are not naive enough to hope this will save them and promote sales of their other bikes
  16. Just out of idle curiosity, what price are they offering? Does that suggest takeup is at best, disappointing? PS right price for a bog standard, sign me up
  17. If anyone DOES decide to sell their Gen 2 to buy one can you let me know, Im still looking for a tidy one
  18. I don't understand what market this is aimed at... 10 power modes and fucked if you face uphill and a wagon is reversing (Do remember a guy with hill hold on a ktm having his bike trashed because he couldn't role backwards ) this isn't going to attract new buyers or probably attract old buyer's . The good thing, in my mind, is that it's going to encourage me to look for another good condition gen 2
  19. Told you can only buy the 1st batch off suzuki £500 deposit first come first served
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