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Gen3 OBD-2 connector

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might be useful to someone

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I confirmed today that the red plug is indeed a Euro 5 style ODB-2 connector...

I hooked up an old (actually discontinued) ODB-2 reader I bought in 2010 and it just worked:

ODB2 Reader2.jpg


Pinout Reference:

Pin 1 (White/Red) - “Vendor Option” [ 9 ]
Pin 2 (White/Black) - CAN BUS HIGH [ 6 ]
Pin 3 (Black/White) - GND [ 3 ] [ 4 ]
Pin 4 (White/Yellow) +12V (via ignition key) [ 16 ]
Pin 5 (Black/Blue) - CAN BUS LOW [ 14 ]
Pin 6 (nc) - unused

Note: on the ODB-2 connector, short [ 9 ] to [ 3 ] or [ 4 ] with a paper clip to reset the service reminder.

Wiring Diagram:


You can purchase an adapter from AliExpress:

Note that there are dozens of marketplace ads for these items but I've verified this vendor sells an adapter that has the correct pinouts for Suzuki.



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John'll love this. Just the sort of info he needs to know, especially as he's itching to get hold of a gen 3.....





























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Don’t think anyone has unlocked one yet :zipped:

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