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gen 3 owners

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how many on here now have jumped to the new gen 3 , did you go to the gen3 from the gen2 or a different make of bike ??? i had the gen2 in 2013 , i have moved to the gen 3 from a ninja sx 1000, how are you finding the gen 3 to live with ?? 

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No active members have bought any 


some members which are no longer active have bought I think 2 that I know

i have had both Gen1 and nearly 11 years ownership from new Gen2 and clocked up 101,600 miles 

My bike has ohlins and front suspension modded with light weight wheels. 
For me buying a Gen3 would be like maintaining what I got but would need to reinvest in exhaust and Downpipes

That would be £18,500 

I’m going big bore route giving my bike a refresh 205 hp and 120 lbft torque 

I Demoed a Gen3 and its nice , rides well and has more useable mid range grunt. 
but too much  money for me to shell out 


I posted a happy UK Gen3 owner 

on another Gen3 thread 

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Posted (edited)

It won't be long before there are Gen2 out there with Gen3 parts fitted.

Like with the Gen1 ass end, fairings & forks swap for the Gen2 parts.

Already seen a Gen2 with Gen3 end cans fitted.

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