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  1. Why would you be wanting one of them Ian, didn't yours come with one?
  2. Cheers John, the long stacks advantage being better torque low down at the expense of the top line hp?
  3. What's the reason for these holes?
  4. True but it's all splitting hairs. There should have been no doubt, the Gen 3 should be leaving the gen 2 way behind it and if they wanted to retain it's reputation, it needed to scare the current litre bikes.
  5. Well that doesn't look like it's going to struggle with a gen 2 Gen 2 run in the depths of winter too. Still not the blown 1500 it should've been.
  6. For all the mickey taking it's still a bike and I'm sure it'll be fine to ride around on. It's a done deal now so until (if) a g4 appears, that's it. If it's your kind of bike, buy one and enjoy it Here's a last thought though. Is there anyone, anywhere, who was awaiting the new bike who thinks, 'Yes! Suzuki did it. Everything I hoped for and more!' How long is that queue compared to the disappointed one? #kingofthelandofmissedopportunities
  7. Bike magazine ran 0-60 in 2.6 and 4.92 0-100 in 2008 So it's slower, slower accelerating, you still need to re-work the suspension and replace the wheels. But you get gadgets and fridge handles. All for £16,500 and a slap in the face trade in on your faster bike. Why didn't you sign there and then
  8. Cheers for posting up this important public service post then Mika
  9. How much does that fuel mix contribute to the mpg numbers reviews were talking about? Wonder who'll be the first to try dropping the gen 2 throttle bodies onto one. @JOHN-DYNOSTAR the big tail off? I don't think Mika's kit is going to have that problem
  10. You know he's gonna be on here swearing don't you
  11. Did it not seem to be struggling to accelerate in 4th & 5th then? Maybe just because he's a big lad?
  12. Did he just get it into 5th and then shut off or was that 6th and I missed a change?
  13. I just picked an everyday range Mark
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