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  1. The Tesla driven by Mr Average smoking the Gen3 with a professional drag rider won't help. The big Z put up a better fight and its what, 9 or 10 years older than the busa? Yup, they really shouldn't have bothered.
  2. Was just being grumpy, sorry Mark.
  3. So that's the first couple of monstrosities, who's going to post pics of the first chromed, spiky abortion bastard?
  4. I quite like that, well apart from the swing arm although the fridge handles could be darker. I'd probably have painted the nose section plastics in black too. But more important, what's been done to make more power?
  5. Are you alluding to Apple's court case? The software update which shortened the life of the battery in older phones?
  6. My work will be changing phones shortly, we can choose Apple or Android so I said just get me a Samsung one. Apparently the latest ones are over £1k and I'm thinking about how much bike stuff I could buy instead Glad I'm not paying for it
  7. No abusive reply from me Mick, it's a busa I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Why so few miles on the KTM?
  8. That's my point Mark, why buy one if you can have the same buzz for a fraction of the price. Who would pay £1000 (latest Galaxy S21) for a 2001 Nokia 6310 when you're just making phone calls?
  9. It's just not 'new' enough. Sounds strange a gen 1 guy saying that but really, it's just a tarted up marketing exercise imho.
  10. Why would you be wanting one of them Ian, didn't yours come with one?
  11. Cheers John, the long stacks advantage being better torque low down at the expense of the top line hp?
  12. What's the reason for these holes?
  13. True but it's all splitting hairs. There should have been no doubt, the Gen 3 should be leaving the gen 2 way behind it and if they wanted to retain it's reputation, it needed to scare the current litre bikes.
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