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  3. JOHN , you know it's he Re - Recall The First reg.rec recall 25-2-2011 PAPER
  4. Saw a youtube the other day showing a russian tank hitting 2 anti tank mines being lifted noff the floor, the comments were "that is NEXT LEVEL engineering! Russian ships transform into submarines and Russian tanks transform into aircraft. They haven't quite nailed it down yet, but major kudos for such visionary minds."
  5. Phone call between the 2 leaders today. "The Russian leader is also reported to have told Mr Niinisto there are no security threats to Finland, and that a change in Finland's foreign policy would be negative for bilateral relations." In my book whatever Russia (Putin) says, he mean the opposite. @mark3evo "Most of the Russians are Siberian based cattle fodder" That is only the conscripts.
  6. Most of the Russians are Siberian based cattle fodder
  7. I think a lot of the blown tanks lids is Them German anti tank personnel held missiles can go straight to tank or got to tank by dropping down on the Lid from above that is the weakest part
  8. Also did you know the Ukraine soldiers call the russian tanks a "Jack in the box". This is because the way the Russians store the ammunition inside the tanks that when it is hit it blows the top off the tank. Thats why you see all the photo of tanks without the tops on them.
  9. ok BOT. One thing i've been keeping an eye on are Russian losses. These losses are what Ukraine say they have distroyed. I look at the numbers and take away 25% to get a more real world figer. But even doing that the losses are high and IMO are not worth the lives of the russian or ukraine soldiers. These are as of today, Day 80. I do not know what Ukraine have lost as they are keeping that quiet, But i think its around the 10 to 12,000 figer of soldiers killed so far.
  10. Ok i'll be around for tea at 6
  11. Could be until you tried it don't knock it
  12. is that a pic of your last nights dinner plate.
  13. the world throws away too much food waste, 900 MILLION TONNES eat the apple cores https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-56271385
  14. IMO he is weak, because he does not know how wrong he is in the eyes of the world.
  15. you know he wont do that, Old FSB he has to continue otherwise he is seen to be weak and without any 'off ramp' are hard to envisage how this will come to a conclusion
  16. More bad news for the world on food. India is banning wheat exports as prices rise worldwide due to Russia's prolonged war on Ukraine. Even less food for the world. Mark your going to have to start eating meat soon
  17. @mark3evo No, Because he need to start caring about his own people and not just use them as cannon fodder.
  18. why .. because he is ill with cancer and has psychological problems, a key Ukrainian spy says a coup is planned , no doubt replaced by more healthy hardliners
  19. In this day an age, i can not understand why Putin can't be the bigger man and say "ok i fcuked up" and pull his troops back to russia. He has made so many statements saying the reasons for the WAR. But has never backed them up with proof. As for Finland and Sweden joining NATO. IF Turkey does block them, they will not be alone because of it, The UK & US will now both come to the aid of Norway, Sweden & Finland if Russia or anyone else attacts them. But in all truth, Finland has a better army than Ukraine, so Putin would be mad in the first place to attact them.
  20. Well, i dont know the true story behind that but when ever russians are involved there is lies told. We were the only ones to pay sanctions fully after WW2 to soviet union. I think they can suck it.
  21. @MikaS bloody hell today - you must burn candles and whale blubber Russia is cutting your Electricity off you've not paid your bill https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/russias-inter-rao-halt-power-exports-finland-due-lack-payment-2022-05-13/
  22. Actually Turkey excel in small turned parts, good materials but cheap labour quite a lot of Automotive aftermarket parts are made in Turkey. There used to be a Turkish hall at Automeckanica German trade show
  23. I would like to know which organisations he meant. Yes, we are fooled easily and have paid for mistakes in politics, letting too much people in without checking their backgrounds. But we are learning, even faster now. Or did he hear me saying that turkish goods are as bad as chinese, sometimes even bigger crap.
  24. Fuck Erdogan. Fascist...He is only there as a buffer against IS. Gimme Kurds any day.
  25. Turkey says it cannot support Sweden and Finland's plans to join NATO Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said it will not be possible for his country to support plans for Sweden and Finland to join NATO. Yesterday, Finland confirmed it will make a bid to join the military alliance, with Sweden expected to echo this decision in the coming days. Mr Erdogan claimed the Nordic countries are "home to many terrorist organisations", without providing any further details. Turkey has been a member of the North Atlantic Alliance since 1952, and has typically supported enlargement of the group. Its opposition to Finland and Sweden's bids could pose an issue for them, as new members need unanimous agreement to join. Mr Erdogan said: "We are following the developments regarding Sweden and Finland, but we don't hold positive views. "As Turkey, we don't want to repeat similar mistakes. Furthermore, Scandinavian countries are guesthouses for terrorist organisations. "They are even members of the parliament in some countries. It is not possible for us to be in favour." Earlier, NATO secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg said the Finns would be "warmly welcomed" and promised a "smooth and swift" accession process.
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