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  1. I think my ideal spec would be the silver but with the satin blue from the white bike.... Or black but dechrome the fairing and orange bits. Watched the video from Bike World the other day, be interesting to see how it develops.
  2. Racing up to sub 100mph speeds is pretty pointless on the Hayabusa..... Plus in a 'pick 'X' gear roll on race, with the gearing differences for 6th, the MV would be closer to peak torque, while the Hayabusa was still below it. Then we switch to a 3rd gear pull and the MV would be over peak torque and coming up toward peak power, while the Hayabusa managed to get through peak torque and maybe up to near 8,000rpm-ish. Knowing what mine is like, it doesn't start getting really fun til into 8k. The Hayabusa is definitely not an all-conquering machine, without any faults or weaknesses, but these divs are just setting it up to look stupid. Lighter bike, lighter rider, shorter gearing..... you'll more than offset the 40ish HP difference
  3. Ah crap! I was worried about when John saw the same exhaust as fitted to the ZZR performance for the past however many years! Aside from the standard Euro 5 monstrosities, it’s the only one I’ve seen them with Yoshi doesn’t seem to be the official aftermarket on the Gen 3. Despite me having an Akra on mine, I still think that there something just right about Suzuki and Yoshimura.
  4. I’d bet the difference between mpg and power on the Indian spec to be down to less euro 5 catalytic converters and what not. Maybe they still install them, but I’d be surprised on a market as big as that. Ditch the exhaust and a remap on a gen 3 and I’m sure it’ll make more sense power wise and sup less fuel.
  5. It’s less of a bike than I’d hoped for, particularly the lack of the VVT as the GSXR, but I love how it’s retained analogue dials and the look.... it’s instantly a Hayabusa. Would I rather have it over a standard H2 SX for similar money new, definitely. Would I rather have it over one of the 2020 ZZR1400s sat in dealers for at least £4K less..... nope. On the plus side though. Suzuki are still manufacturing a bike that’s a hell of a lot related to the one we ride now. So parts availability and ability to swap them from one to the other should be fairly good/affordable in the future. Overall I think they’ve done a good job though, especially when on paper it doesn’t really make any sense to launch a Gen3 at all. It’s not adventure, not retro, or hipster. So it’s a niche product within a niche form of transport (for the UK).
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