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  1. Exactly, and not the last ones, just the last one if you have posted something you had on your heart, and there comes two or three more replies to the original question/post, yours will be left unseen. I dont know what my excuse is, but i guess the ones who read this forum using their phones miss the content more easily,
  2. Your post really woke me up, do we have any chance getting rid of this, it does not look good
  3. i dont remember any Nuremberg code, i was not born then. You did not get my point, i am for the right to choose what do you do with your body, for example abortion, its ridiculous that old geezers and religious fanatics can decide if a rape victim can do abortion or not, in some countries. But, if you dont get vaccinated and catch the virus, then bury yourself in cellar for few weeks, dont go walking amongst other people like nothing happened, and send your kids to school. Like it seems happened here.
  4. Is it ? I just asked a question, do these people have right to keep their beliefs and not take the vaccine, and not taking precautions at all, risking the health of others, does it help those infected if just write on local paper that they are not happy on what happened, because this is how its done these days, if someone comes and stabs you with a knife, you can say that you are not happy with the situation and call the police, or whatever, nothing else, or you are the one to blame.
  5. He does not get it, "we have moral obligation to disobey unjust laws" that just gives ideas to wise-asses , make up their own interpretations for laws to suit their own needs. In our village , population of under 3000, we had around 11-13 infections on first year, something like that, now, last week , we got 20 more, in a week, when this one family decided not to get any vaccines , went to party in the nearby city, nightclubs or whatever, got infected and their kids brought it to school, now there is couple classes in guarantine and still its spreading. What should i think, its their right to do whatever they want, its their decision. or, do i dig out the lead pipe and pay them a visit some night. Where is the point when someone has to step up and tell certain people they are acting against good of others. I bet they had many serious meetings in Austria before making any decisions.
  6. There seems not to be tech talk today. It has gone so difficult to understand, i have lost the clue. I have last couple days been running on 2 cylinders, hard to get on top of the hill and speed is also down.
  7. Yes, i know, i should give up some joys of life to feel better, good food, sweet drinks, what else ?
  8. I bought a little snack to start the day with, a baguette (?) what the hell am i eating, tastes like cardboard with bits of sound proof material, there reads, BBQ deli oats batong, vegan , from Chef Lunden i bet there is bits from the chef`s hat also
  9. Hey, thats totally opposite what i am, i know shit and nobody knows me, thats where the happiness comes from
  10. Too much torque on the back wheel
  11. I see it like this, the different type camshafts may be explained in many ways, cylinder head is bit different, not so much when you can use gen2 exhaust on gen3, engine capacity is the same, throttle bodies are smaller, all these added together i cant see there would be significant difference to gen2 engine, few hp`s what we have seen in dyno results, if you can do modification and get 20hp more, so it should be also possible on gen2 engine
  12. Thanks Bazz So, if the cam base diameter is 28mm, as before is the intake lift 8.6mm and exhaust 8.85mm ? Quite interesting specs, but as said before, it may be done for the 3 cats blocking the exhaust, so, how does it perform when taking the cats out, should it need to be changed to traditional camshaft setup, intake being bigger, now there is no cam duration shown, it changes the thinking. Smallest throttle bodies in history of Hayabusa (gen2 may lose on quarter mile but just wait for the mile speeds)
  13. I still think these clowns jumped to wrong conclusions, just think about quarter mile acceleration, is that MV going to hit low 9s , i dont think so
  14. It is quite hard doing consistent 0-60 times, allright, i had +3.5" swingarm and Shinko as rear tyre, the track was not glued, like proper drag race tracks are, but had extra rubber stuck on the asphalt, so its called unprepped, 0 to 60mph times, when managed to get grip, 2.6 - 2.8s very easily slipped to 3s+
  15. What was your 0-60 time ? I am going to try it tomorrow, i dont have very good idea how quick my bike would be, or me on it..
  16. Again, 1441cc would have matched the Teslas performance, very hard to launch though
  17. Moore chose not to use the launch control, as he earlier found out being quicker without. He did 2.8s 0-60mph , Tesla Plaid is supposed to go 1.8s 0-60mph , so there is no chance. I asked a friend who just raced on the quarter, and i knew he used the device recording the run, he said 2.8 - 3s 0-100kmh, streetbike 1441cc. I guess i will be closer to 4s. Also , if Tesla goes 9.2s the quarter mile, i saw two bikes last saturday going 9.0 and 9.1s , without turbo or nos, they were 1441cc with almost pro racer, other was burning nitromethane, or something that i smelled half way down the track. My friend did 9.49s , which i think was very good for 1441cc n/a with pure street tyre, no Shinko, it had extended swingarm and quickshifter.
  18. Where does the i go ? or other letters,
  19. Now it has happened, production car accelerates faster than Gen3 Busa, they should have made it 1441cc, (how do you say "plaid" , if i was just reading it i would say "played", not "p+ lad")
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