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  1. I know its irrelevant but i want to know where he got the money for all the Busas, i guess he is not working for Nasa
  2. It is very usual there are shims around 1.80 thickness, as stock. If there was 1.58 and it should be 1.78 , there is 0.45mm clearance on cyl1 exhaust valves, too much loose on top of valve. I just wonder if there was ticking sound and he missed it.
  3. What do you think, why it was only the 1st cylinder ? It was quite hard listening to him explain, but i wanted to see the Gen3 valves and head. Valve cover was so tight, was there one screw still in place (?)
  4. Not exactly, he has 90k subscribers, which is not that much, you need millions of subscribers to make money off youtube
  5. Not both at the same time, meaning the wheel hp numbers from one dyno was the engine hp on other
  6. Either your numbers are impressive or they are true
  7. Our junior member brought his 1441cc Gen2 to this dyno, (homemade or whatever), to check the bike before the speed event we had. He got 237hp on the wheel , afr was ok though
  8. Again i am saying, if you change the cams, or install gen2 cams in there, what else is expected than the power gen2 makes when doing the same mods It sounds like people think it will unleash big power when doing couple easy mods, it will be beaten by gen1 with even bigger changes, pistons, cams and crank.
  9. Does Woolich really have the flash available ? Sami asked it a week ago and they said it is just on the catalog but not ready yet.
  10. He was supposed to put BST`s also to the giveaway bike but the order is late and he thought giving 5k cash instead,
  11. Another colourful expression
  12. That is bullshit. We have lots of "cold" stations here and they are more and more turning into card payment only, no other options. Only some of the unmanned stations accept cash.
  13. You have lots of strange things there, i thought that it was the same everywhere, when you pay fuel on your card ,they take the money spent and thats it, if the pump does not work , and it always works, it just does not charge anything. I dont get it
  14. Well, i dont know the true story behind that but when ever russians are involved there is lies told. We were the only ones to pay sanctions fully after WW2 to soviet union. I think they can suck it.
  15. I would like to know which organisations he meant. Yes, we are fooled easily and have paid for mistakes in politics, letting too much people in without checking their backgrounds. But we are learning, even faster now. Or did he hear me saying that turkish goods are as bad as chinese, sometimes even bigger crap.
  16. Installing a piston kit, cams, little work on the head, you end up with same power as you would doing the same on gen2. Chris Moore had his gen3 built and got the same power as our guy here with gen2 done the same.
  17. Are you going to check if the world is flat ?
  18. We have not made these pressure tests that much, but hunch is a 210-220psi, depending if the wind is blowing from north and if the stars are aligned. Looking at the Suzuki numbers you would expect 240-260 (?)
  19. I dont see that big difference in Gen2 vs Gen3 pressure starting from 199 vs 203 is practically the same, also limits 142 vs 145 Gen3 top pressure 276psi is just absurd, you dont want that much pressure even from built engine, if its not diesel
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