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  1. They definitely suit SLA type printing rather than FDM but can be donw. Actually really useful for prototyping, used and seen quite a few set made that way now
  2. err busa was going round a corner and shifting a bit early wasn't it? Looks like a few different levels of bs. Reasonably confident the blade won't hit 345km/h stock either. It is rapid off the line in real life though.
  3. Ever played with the dual velocity stacks John? Generic google ref image:
  4. Probably right. Hate frame sliders, shouldn't be anywhere near a bike!
  5. That looks better than it should! The mounting hole on the side fairing just bugs the hell out of me. Barely a fixing in sight and then that massive crater dead centre of the bodywork.
  6. 6:44 "The colouring the new mufflers take on over time enables each rider to add a unique personal touch that reflects his or her riding style...." Rust.... is he talking about rust?? There's fucking no chance those things are Ti (well maybe the akra is but you can't see the pipes so who gives a shit) and from the pictures 90% of the exhaust (fancy akra or stocker) is hidden by some naff shield. Got to love some good old fashioned marketing wank.
  7. Hill hold on a bike I don't mind it in the car but on a bike what a waste of time. On the brightside it'll probably end up weighing nearer to a thou by the time you throw the exhausts, abs system and whatever other pointless fluff has been added straight into the bin!
  8. My takeaway from that video is the Japanese designers took the "if it ain't broke don't fix it approach".... again. ..."the gen 1 was such a big hit....."
  9. 10 years development and as far as i can tell it's fundamentally the same bike with euro 5 (but less peak power) and fancy electronics wih an unecessary number of traction control modes. I hope the frame changes are significant handling wise otherwise what was the point.
  10. I hope EB off doesn't mean Engine braking actually off.... would make for a hell of a ride TC: 10 TEN TRACTION CONTROL MODES!? Who can be arsed with that?
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