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  1. Like we have always said...you want a fast bike...buy a Kawasaki!!!
  2. I'm happy to let people decide if they want the vacine or not...and I'm happy to say to someone who isn't vacinated to stay the fuck away from me...that's my choice. If a venue only wants to let vacinated peeps in...then that's their choice. I don't see the problem...why is everyone getting upset. Storm in a teacup. Stay away from me and don't threaten my life or I'll drop you where you stand...That's fair isn't it?
  3. Why do people who make videos all talk like someone is squeezing their nuts????
  4. Used to like him but can't be bothered now his vids are littered with product placements.
  5. They need to stop pissing about racing a slow bike against another slow bike and put one up against a KAWASAKI.
  6. If that's all it is, then those flipping tuners have been ripping us off all this time...where's that Sean geezer...I need a word!
  7. Feck me...and from a reliable source!!...I heard they can fly and operate underwater to a depth of 5,000 fathoms. While still in it's packing crate. All from an engine that's almost the same as a gen 2...how do they do it!!!
  8. My bike already has hill start....it's called the REAR BRAKE.
  9. Even though they have spend little in the R&D dept you do have to wonder if they will get any worthwhjile profit from it. What market does it appeal to? US? Who want somethinf fast...No Sport tourers? Fuel..riding position...No Thier only competition are discontinued bikes. Can only be a flag waving exercise untill they have something 'up to date'. I guess they need to be applauded for having something that can be bought new. Lets all move on to hoping for the GEN4
  10. Wonder if they have been in colaboration with Kawasaki again and just reskinned a ZZR1400???? Would be some extra income for Big K and no worries about being in competition with each other!!!!
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