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  1. Found this on Hayabusa.org that is with MR12
  2. R Gadson did a 8.35 @ 163 said it would probably 8.1 needs a clutch mod. on his Gen3
  3. Yes I know my Icelandic friend is to get this upgrade , Just says 209 hp is stock engine plus an exhaust
  4. ECU only the rest of engine is stock, one of my icelandic facebook buddy is in talks with Cecil the owner of HTP Costs $4,500 and all the QS, Traction control, cornering IMU etc is still active
  5. apparently with a drop in MOTEC ECU- GEN3 makes 209 RWHP @MikaS https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=371861948057557 https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=344257607074067
  6. interesting WEEK 1 death figures from ONS just out 2020 = 12,254 2021 = 17,751 (6,057 covid) 2022 = 12,262 (1,023 covid) 2015-2019 average = 12,175 ONS baseline = 13,298
  7. bonkers policy.. protect the patients when vaxxed doctors/nurses have the same viral load and transmit same as the unvaxxed for nearly 2 years the doctors/nurses were according to the gov saviours/heroes , but get thrown under the bus after winter crisis is over and covid has fucked off
  8. Ok - a snap shot basically with improved mid range of Gen3 lazy easy ride going fast , Gen2 needs more gear changing
  9. they will be banning Ginger nuts and Puff pastry next
  10. and another one you would have thought boris would be hung out to dry, but look at the alternative starmer or nut bag angela rayner or the lib dem leader know one knows his name
  11. another woke caused change M&S afraid of upsetting "dwarfs and midget" REALLY do the public honestly identify tooth rotting sweets with growth stunting condition - one answer NO It has now rebranded them as “mini gems” following a personal campaign by a disability academic. Concerns over the use of the word “midget” seen as derogatory for people with growth problems were raised with the chain by Dr Erin Pritchard of Liverpool Hope University who has achondroplasia - a condition which stunts growth. She has been lobbying supermarkets and confectionery makers to change the name of the popular packs of sweets.
  12. that Sue Gray is going to have a dossier like the Encyclopedia Britannica it is obvious the government did not think this was a deadly disease - all partying into the night, including leftie drakeford and starmer
  13. not sure , no one said yet... to be honest if it just written by a rider it will just be seat of the pants performance maybe someone on here can say i have a datalogger and i would done some illegal road testing but that is just me
  14. no - it was written by a GEN2 Owner , which he is on a UK hayabusa facebook group i remember him saying, it was better than his GEN2 smoother and easier to ride, great up/down shifter
  15. an honest and brave message from NHS Radiographer due to be sacked in March 2022 to take a so called vaccine that does not stop transmission of C19 Omicron
  16. incredibly brave doctor tells Javid the facts a hero during covid to be sacked in March https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-sajid-javid-directly-challenged-on-mandatory-coronavirus-jabs-by-unvaccinated-nhs-doctor-12511224
  17. feck sake the Anti-christ is having a say now.. thou shalt only let the vaccomnated enter the pearly gates of heaven - the unclean shall be cast out to burn in hell before anyone chimes in i too was brought up as a catholic - removed that yoke decades ago Jesus touched and cleansed the lepers (Matthew 8:1-4) but on Christmas Eve the Pope fired the unvaccinated from their jobs and cast them out of the Vatican... (set google to translate) https://www.nicolaporro.it/vade-retro-satana-il-papa-toglie-lo-stipendio-alle-famiglie-no-vax/
  18. well well well it's been announced after Astrazenica was dropped from being offered as a booster, it now appears the better adenovirus type such as AZ and Novamax are better at protecting in the long term than these nrew fangled mRNA types as used by Pfizer and Moderna. you had better roll your sleeves up 5x per year as after 10 weeks they are ineffective from Omicron or the very bad cold we already know no fecker has cured the common cold, thing is UK Government bought 110 million of mRNA at £25 / shot. so why did we stop using the low cost effective AZ - big pharma duped our government that's why !! Britain’s relatively low recent death toll from Covid compared to Europe may be a result of earlier use of the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab to vaccinate the most vulnerable, according to the nation’s former vaccine tsar. Dr Clive Dix, former chairman of the Vaccine Task Force, told The Telegraph that he believed the AstraZeneca jabs offered more robust, long-term protection against severe disease and death than RNA-based alternatives made by Pfizer and Moderna. Britain’s Covid death rate has been relatively flat for several months, and there has not been a noticeable surge in Covid deaths due to omicron. However, many European countries have recently seen steadily increasing death rates and have more Covid deaths on a like-for-like basis than the UK. Figures from Our World in Data, a website run by the University of Oxford, shows the UK has 1.7 daily deaths from Covid per million people. In comparison, the EU as a whole has almost four. “If you look across Europe, with the rise in cases, there's also a corresponding lagged rise in deaths, but not in the UK, and we have to understand that,” said Dr Dix. “I personally believe that's because most of our vulnerable people were given the AstraZeneca vaccine,” Dr Dix said. The key, he says, is that although the RNA jabs produce a more obvious and rapid jump in antibody levels in lab tests, other vaccines may be better at priming another part of the immune system: cellular immunity. Cellular immunity includes various forms of T cells, including those that destroy infected cells, and also memory cells, ensuring a person can fight off an infection several years after they are first exposed to it. They are slower to react than antibodies and do not prevent infection, but do halt the pathogen in its tracks, making it harder for the virus to cause damage. “We’ve seen early data that the Oxford jab produces a very durable cellular response and if you’ve got a durable cellular immunity response then they can last for a long time. It can last for life in some cases.” he said. The only notable difference, he said, between the UK and Europe’s vaccine rollout was the approach to the AstraZeneca jab. While Britain used its ample stock to rapidly inoculate the oldest and most vulnerable people, officials on the continent besmirched the vaccine’s reputation and dragged their heels on its approval, opting instead to wait for the Pfizer vaccine. MRNA vaccines like those made by Pfizer are based solely on the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, and produce highly specific antibodies. But AstraZeneca, and other jabs like those made by Novavax and Valneva, used a more well-rounded approach, said Dr Dix. “We know that with adenoviral vector vaccines and adjuvanted proteins you get a much broader cellular response and I think we need to look at all that data across all the vaccines,” said Dr Dix. He added that there was “nothing wrong” with using Pfizer or Moderna as a booster, but alternative vaccines may be a better alternative in the long-term. Lab results 'don't always translate to the real world' The decision to move away from giving a primary dose with AstraZeneca and to only use Pfizer or Moderna for boosters was based on various data, including a major study that showed Pfizer and Moderna to be the most effective. But how these lab results translate into real-world effectiveness remains to be seen. “I think we're getting a little bit ahead of ourselves by just measuring antibodies and neutralising antibody responses in the lab as that doesn't follow through for serious disease and death,” said Dr Dix. “If you look at all the data, there isn't a great correlation between neutralising antibody lab results and protection from severe illness and death, they don't seem to correlate. “And that's almost certainly because the cellular immune response is the important thing to stopping serious illness and death.” The lab-based studies had also thus far failed to suitably measure T cell levels over time, something Dr Dix says needs to be urgently addressed if we are to establish the best jabs for annual boosters, which he thinks will be needed for the over-50s and the vulnerable, much like they are for flu. “[The T cell analysis method used in most studies] just tells you that there are some T cells in the blood that do recognise antigens in the virus. “It doesn't tell you very much about the quantity or the quality of the responses and it doesn't differentiate between the different T cell classes very easily. “I do think we've lost the battle with transmission. There's no vaccine that is going to change that. I think we should focus on the cellular immune response, and it may just get us out of the woods.”
  19. self induced lockdown scared by the 6,000 deaths per day Neil Ferguson modelling club , pubs and restaurants empty west end shows closing due to no footfall. They completely ignored South African mild Omicron citing they had better natural immunity!! 24% only double jabbed in that case what was the point of the 50,000,000 UK double jabs and ONS now say get boosted your 4.5 x likely to catch Omicron, than the unwashed unvaccinated. Meanwhile Pfizer are $33 billion the richer , likes of the evil Tony blair shouting his mouth of .. the liar he is WMD and the Kelly affair
  20. Hang on guys this is just out from ONS Office of National statistics Government says go get " Boosted" ONS say you are 4.5x more likely to catch Omicron than the unvaccinated.. can you smell a rat here download the excel sheet to see the below RESULTS/CONCLUSIONS https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/healthandsocialcare/conditionsanddiseases/adhocs/14107coronaviruscovid19infectionsurveyukcharacteristicsrelatedtohavinganomicroncompatibleresultinthosewhotestpositiveforcovid19
  21. Euro5 for you but good write up for QS, Chassis, Brakes and increased grunt mid range https://www.motorcyclenews.com/mcn-motorycles/suzuki-hayabusa-long-term-test/
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