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  1. There's a good argument for keeping what you have and improving it, or just keeping what you have and being happy with it, then some folk just like something new, it's nice to have the choice! Not seen or heard much negative about the new one and they are selling well so hats off to Suzuki for bucking the trend and keeping the big bore sports tourer market going.
  2. Yes I'd heard the same, surprising when everyone seems to be buying adventure bikes and the days of hyper sport tourers are supposed to be over. I wonder how many bikes are uk allocated - 4?
  3. If Suzuki do some 0% interest pcp deals like they do with their cars then it makes sense to me, leave your savings earning some interest (minimal I know) with the option of paying the balloon after the contract term. Works out same as paying cash. Now what colour will be fastest?
  4. Skiddy

    Power Commander Maps

    With a name like that he might only specailise in massey fergusons!
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