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  1. i'm back spent 2 days at a ECO hut called a 'Yurt' no internet , no phone signal no electric outside bath and toilet and wood burners for heating pics later if your interested
  2. i think you are quoting " if you dont buy now they will all be sold by mid - summer 2021 "
  3. so what would you expect ?? for average level
  4. Gen3 pistons are 0.01 mm tighter in bore than Gen2 at min / max condition same ring end gap tolerance
  5. or different ring design ? or smaller throttle bodies all combined
  6. idling my time looking at the Gen3 manual one for @JOHN-DYNOSTAR and @MikaS no doubt right been comparing Compression pressure by cranking , the details in the Gen3 and Gen2 are different with both Gen3 and Gen2 having the same 12.5:1 CR OK so makes sense the 'old' Gen1 with 11:1 CR so:- Gen1 has 'dry' cranking 171-228 psi limit 128 psi 11:1 (yes that makes sense lower pressure than Gen2) Gen2 has " " 199-256 psi limit 142 psi 12.5:1 Gen3 has " " 203-276 psi limit 145psi 12.5:1 ?????????????????? Question: WHY does the Gen3 have a higher cranking pressure We know the Gen3 has new cams giving reduced overlap ---- does this give higher compression as more time to pump cylinder without losses??
  7. wow it reminds me of the 1066 Bayeaux tapestry
  8. John W is gonna leave messing around with that in the oncoming years, he will be wearing his head torch permanently
  9. @MikaSdo you like this sort of racing
  10. to be honest the majority of my riding is on the track called the queen's highway
  11. yes it's a sticker queen i note there is RR in model designation GSX1300RRQM2 Service Manual
  12. All I need to do now is get a Dropbox account and invest in a Gen3 i may need to download just to compare the engine details to Gen2
  13. @[email protected] Madmattt would like this one Shot taken from March 2022 Tokyo Motorcycle Show, so could be in UK next year
  14. quite a few folks have had their expensive race push bikes nicked as some folks like to post on facebook their start and finish points of their house
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