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  1. need to turn the cam timing lobe centres further apart for a little less bottom end torque
  2. from Hayabusa site in the public domain i spoke about GEN3 cams.... ME Motorsport said the following.. "Suzuki modified the cam profile of this bike shifting some of the powerband away from peak power. Even though the bike is corked up by the ECU, it's not as bad as we see on some other bikes. I think swapping out the cams is what is going to be needed to really push out some high peak/top end HP numbers but probably at the expense of some of that that nice mid-range. This is from our developer, Justin, talking back and forth with Chris discussing what Justin has seen on their personal test bike in Australia while working on the software:" "Hi Chris We have been able to make a bit more power, however I dont think the bike is electronically limited like some of the other US models. If you look at the torque curve it appears like they have tuned it for mid range rather than trying to get the biggest HP number. I feel like it would benefit from mechanical changes like CAMs and/or CAM timing changes to get significantly more power. The areas where we are seeing improvements are in throttle response by tuning the ETV tables."
  3. an american hayabusa site are saying Moore Mafia are mapping this weekend
  4. as you know if you follow the 'Vanishing Point'. method you can never go too fast into a corner again but of course you knew that - but here it is anyway One of the keys to road riding is to read the vanishing point. This is the point at which you can no longer see the road. The closer the point is, the tighter the bend. The further away it is, the wider the corner is. Road signs and markings also give a good indication. Walls and hedgerows can give clues but don’t always follow the line of the road. On a right hander, move to the left as far as it’s safe. Click down a gear or two. This gives some engine braking and provides instant acceleration as the corner opens out again. On a left hander, move to the right side of the lane but do not cross the white line. If you do, you may not be able to avoid hitting that vehicle travelling towards you. Click back a gear or two. This gives a small amount of engine braking without upsetting the bike and provides instant acceleration as the corner opens out. Make sure you wait until the road opens up, not the point at which you are happy to speed up. You may be able to go faster on a bend you know, but you must still be able to stop in the distance you can see to be clear. The stopping distance will depend on you, your bike and the road conditions.
  5. i have gone rusty on cornering especially when BHM is on your tail - i gave him more CAKE to slow him down
  6. @[email protected] Harbour man for the more thrifty busa owners this US owner wrote this bearing mind US mpg is WORSE than UK mpg "Commuting about 40 miles on the freeway (Speeds between 70 and 85 Mph) and 20 miles in town (Speed limit) each way so 40/20 split I have been getting 49 MPG. I can say the computer is very accurate as I have been testing it and comparing the MPG and the remaining range to what I have been putting in for gas. I ran it down to the bottom line on the gauge and refilled the tank. The computer said I had 30 miles left before I filled it and it took 4.55 gallons. That leaves about 3/4 gallon left in the tank so 30 miles is pretty darned close. The gauge was just beginning to touch the empty line so it will go a bit below that. When I fill the tank it says I have 246 miles of range which is pretty close to what I'm seeing. I am actually seeing better mileage than on my gen2 which is surprising. Still get a bit nervous when in the red but now I know how far I can push it. I think on a long trip 200 miles will be about the fillup point depending on what's ahead.
  7. yes i saw his reply too waiting for the 1st mapped reports aka Chris Moore Mafia
  8. Chris Moore Mafia got his bench lead now and is testing the new software in a DD3 a YouTube vid should be out soon
  9. Your a man ahead of your time alternatively you could sue them copyright theft
  10. They do have a better veg isle than Tesco’s
  11. Recession is on its way i ordered new double glazing and doors 🚪 was quoted 12 weeks they came in 4 guy in the village makes bespoke wooden garden sheds and fencing/gated businesses dropped like a stone just downsized from a unit to a much smaller one
  12. Moore Mafia says he gets the new Woolich software 2 to 4 weeks in the meantime he fits BST's to his Gen3 https://youtu.be/kO0ECCHZwIU
  13. Welcome to UK economics where big businesses rule
  14. Morrisson's say this Pay at the Pump ON THIS PAGE Why am I being Charged a £100 pre authorisation when I at Pay at Pump What if I do not want to do the pre authorisation charge of £100? Why am I being Charged a £100 pre authorisation when I at Pay at Pump Prior to the 1st November 2021, all Pay at Pump transactions were authorised by requesting a £1 pre authorisation from your card issuer before taking payment for the value of the fuel 1 to 3 days later. Under new rules, implemented by Mastercard and Visa, we must now request authorisation from your card issuer for up to £100. Dont worry - once you’ve finished filling up, the final transaction amount is sent to your card issuer. We will only charge you for the value of the fuel you’ve actually purchased, the remainder of your pre authorisation amount will be released without charge. UPDATED ON: 01 NOVEMBER 2021 what if I do not want to do the pre authorisation charge of £100? If you do not wish to pay the pre authorisation amount processed, please pay at the kiosk inside the petrol station where no pre authorisation payment will be applied. If you wish to pay at the pump, a pre authorisation payment will be taken automatically. We are unable to stop this pre authorisation. UPDATED ON: 02 NOVEMBER 2021
  15. i have seen the £1 taken only in the pending part of my online banking
  16. Most of the Russians are Siberian based cattle fodder
  17. I think a lot of the blown tanks lids is Them German anti tank personnel held missiles can go straight to tank or got to tank by dropping down on the Lid from above that is the weakest part
  18. Could be until you tried it don't knock it
  19. the world throws away too much food waste, 900 MILLION TONNES eat the apple cores https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-56271385
  20. you know he wont do that, Old FSB he has to continue otherwise he is seen to be weak and without any 'off ramp' are hard to envisage how this will come to a conclusion
  21. why .. because he is ill with cancer and has psychological problems, a key Ukrainian spy says a coup is planned , no doubt replaced by more healthy hardliners
  22. @MikaS bloody hell today - you must burn candles and whale blubber Russia is cutting your Electricity off you've not paid your bill https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/russias-inter-rao-halt-power-exports-finland-due-lack-payment-2022-05-13/
  23. Actually Turkey excel in small turned parts, good materials but cheap labour quite a lot of Automotive aftermarket parts are made in Turkey. There used to be a Turkish hall at Automeckanica German trade show
  24. i have made a vow not to watch any news for last 6 weeks nothing i can control or change, plus i'm too old to fire Javelin anti tank weapons
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