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  1. 34 minutes ago, JOHN-DYNOSTAR said:



     1st          2nd             3rd                4th

    20.5          26              18                    17

    55.5           53            60                49.5


    13         17                  7                     11.5 

    42          39               52                     49.5



  2. 2 minutes ago, MikaS said:

    Again i am saying, if you change the cams, or install gen2 cams in there, what else is expected than the power gen2 makes when doing the same mods  :huh:

    It sounds like people think it will unleash big power when doing couple easy mods, 

    it will be beaten by gen1 with even bigger changes, pistons, cams and crank.


    yes most  who own a Gen3 expect it to make more power than a Gen2   given a reflash and decat  like 200hp

    i thought it had lighter pistons and con rods etc

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