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  1. Yesterday
  2. until
    Straightliners quarter mile racing.
  3. Ken12r

    Top speed Monday Elvington.

    Moved to Monday to suit the previous 2 days record breaking
  4. Ken12r

    Elvington records event

    various records up for grabs, as always advanced booking recommended
  5. Ken12r

    Pendine Sands Records

    Top speed racing on the beach.
  6. Ken12r

    Straightliners 3rd round

    3rd round of Quarter Mile Racing at Dakota raceway Smeatharpe Devon also includes Car Drifting.
  7. 2nd chance to use the runway at Elvington.
  8. There is a RWYB on the Saturday.
  9. Held at Santa Pod there is also a RWYB on the Saturday.
  10. Ken12r

    March Top Speed Tuesday.

    First top speed Tuesday of 2020 at Elvington.
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