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KPS Throttle Spring Busa Gen3

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KPS Throttle Spring Busa Gen3


Made by Paul Wojick aka Kojak


The original tension spring force of the GEN III Throttle Grip is much too forceful.
With this special spring your throttle grip will be much comfortable to use
As a result, the throttle grip pull is now the same to handle as the Busa Gen 1 and Gen 2.

Install note

Installation should only be done by a specialist / specialist workshop.
Installation instructions:
Remove left + right fairing parts
Remove plastic tank cover and lift tank up and support it with a suitable aid (tank support).
Disconnect battery.
The sensor is located on the right side along the frame in front of the engine - just follow the Bowden cables.
There are 2 plugs and a hose in the way to unplug the sensor, unplug them and pull the hose out of the air filter box.
Now you can see the small plug from the sensor (color white) and disconnect it. Also the big long plug.
Unscrew the 2 retaining screws from the sensor and remove the complete sensor.
Remove the two Throttle cables.
Mark the sensor position (see picture with red color).
Loosen the fastening nut with spring washer of the tension spring holder and carefully remove the cover (Attention - is under tension due to the spring). If the cover is stuck, use 2 screwdrivers to slowly lever it out with feeling.
Remove old spring and insert new spring in same position (position pin is in base plate).
Hook the spring in the cover and insert it in the same position with pretension and skill.
Insert spring washer and tighten nut and secure with screw lock.
Reassemble in reverse order.
Check if all connectors are plugged together, if hose is in the air filter and if Throttle cables are free.


Made in Germany by certified spring factory.

Idea, development and tested by Turborider Team by KPS .

Hayabusa Gen 3 Throttle Spring now in shop available - 32.-€

ALL PICTURES ,Install Step by Step been in the Webshop link  

Link to Webshop :






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Thank you

JW oiled my Gen2 much nicer now :D

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