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  1. No sign I checked on Hayabusa.org nowt in
  2. what's your blood pressure and resting pulse ??
  3. i'm saying nothing ... but why try to bury it for 55 years i know about all these side effects.. but i'm saying nothing
  4. Putin know's his strategists got it wrong.. thought they would roll in to folk throwing flowers at the tanks. Russia getting bogged down in fighting, which means he will get nasty and may raze cities to rubble. basically he needs an 'off ramp' to save face. Talks mentioned of 5 key points , 4 are easy to cover the sticking point may be giving up Crimea and Luhansk and Donetz province. Fingers crossed this is completed soon. Are you taking in any refugees Martin ?
  5. I have been thinking about the horror in Ukraine and with that new £350 / month Government scheme I might just do the good thing for humanity .. Mrs Mark3evo is moving to her sisters to make room
  6. Wossner - German Piper - English Head modify - English Gears -Japan
  7. Best thing to do is not watch the news it won’t stop the dying there is nothing I can do to fix this plus I have only ever used an air rifle
  8. you sound like you worked in a Russian Gulag Russia buys china arms you buy Chinese bearings both feeding the coffers of Xi Jinping don't listen to the media they want to sell papers..Biden has made it clear there will be no war in Russia Martin when are you taking in some Ukrainian refugees £350 / month in your back pocket
  9. No he never tried my good stuff if I remember correctly Martin stuck to choritso sausage and other processed foods ☢️ No doubt Martin can confirm
  10. give over Martin real whole food plant base is the elixir of life - plus exercise
  11. if a spud was thrown at your head that would hurt
  12. Luckily there were some decent members of the Russian armed forces i was very nearly toast aged 1 Well done Vasily Vasily Arkhipov (1926 - 1998) was a Soviet Navy officer who casted the single vote to not launch a nuclear torpedo from a B-59 submarine in response to the U.S. dropping depth charges, despite being in international waters during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. The Soviet crew had no contact from Moscow for a few days and was not sure if World War 3 had erupted. The captain was sure that war had started on the surface and wanted to fire a nuclear torpedo. It also did not help that the submarine batteries were running low, causing the air conditioning to fail and increasing the heat above 113°F (45°C). Many of the crew members began to faint from carbon dioxide poisoning and low levels of oxygen, which also heavily impaired their decision making. According to protocol, a nuclear launch needed the approval of only the captain and the political officer onboard. As luck would have it, Arkhipov was a flotilla commander who specifically chose to be onboard that fateful B-59 submarine. Flotilla commanders were usually not onboard nuclear submarines, but they were ranked high enough to change the two person vote to a three person vote. Arkhipov argued with the two senior officers and was finally able to convince them to surface and contact Moscow. His tenacity and decision ultimately averted a nuclear war and saved the world.
  13. Russia bans the export of automobiles
  14. it all went wrong at NATO's Bucharest conference in 2008
  15. what 2nd guy i must have fallen asleep too hang on you must have fallen asleep after 45 seconds , 2nd guy is the speaker
  16. i'm learning how this started back in 2014 - relevant today how NATO and EU changed the status quo .. don't shoot the messenger (me) 1 hour 15 long by American Professor
  17. Russian using thermobaric bombs Herre is Finnish video of home made bomb sponsored by Timco tools - pretty devastating
  18. Yes we know the Unjust situation but USA not an active role not sure what Putin next step is if Poland supply Ukraine with there Mig jet fighters ??
  19. yes, i see on news Coca Cola and Danone are pulling out but Pepsi , Estee lauder staying
  20. they go into our airspace all the time it's just the usual Russian games they play defending fighters go in and chase them off
  21. i was gonna preclude that idea, but knew you would respond
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