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  1. true, but as it said incorrect valve lash- engine not to spec pretty sure JD took my engine to the rev limiter during recent engine break-in
  2. i must admit i have taken my old engine to the rev limiter loads of times
  3. engine threw a valve keeper/collet max revs 140 mph - no compression on 1 cylinder dealer would not warrant as exhaust change and they know he rides bikes to race not catastrophic
  4. everyone knows that - no need to do garage test
  5. you make money when adverts appear - not sure how much though maybe John should start doing them just needs to smile more
  6. only because he is the only bloke looking at Gen3 stuff
  7. i understand now i won't tell the yank site as they think the sunshines out of MM arse
  8. like one of those 'no load' dynos John was on about @JOHN-DYNOSTAR you obviously have experience with no load dynos, for me a mere mortal how do you know MM dyno is one of those ?
  9. velocity stacks next - don't think that will do much, been there and done that
  10. most comments are about the love of 'pops and bangs' then 3 arguing its' seriously underpowered and should have been 1441
  11. YOUTUBE tonight South Carolina time 5pm so that is 10pm UK time or Midnight Finland time @MikaS
  12. https://www.instagram.com/stories/chrismooremafia/2861955960905563555/ it don't 'arf pops and bangs
  13. Chris Moore announced he will have reveal video Sat. Also he will start offering the service in a week or so.
  14. Chris Moore releases his video this Saturday oooh the excitement
  15. yes most who own a Gen3 expect it to make more power than a Gen2 given a reflash and decat like 200hp i thought it had lighter pistons and con rods etc
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