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  1. until

    If anybody is thinking of a weekend last fling here I am pretty sure that it is Pre Entry only so you need to contact Helen sooner rather than later.
  2. Ken12r

    Ultimate Motor show


    This was cancelled a while ago.
  3. Ken12r

    Ten of the Best.

    Car based show with racing over the quarter mile and handling circuit. Bike Drag racing on Saturday and some demo runs Sunday. www.totb.co.uk
  4. Ken12r

    Jurby festival.

    Annual Jurby quarter mile racing Event.
  5. Ken12r

    Manx Ramsey sprint.

    Ramsey spring during Manx gp.
  6. Ken12r

    Jurby Drag Racing.

    Jurby drag racing event.
  7. Ken12r

    Mad Sunday RWYB Ramsey.

    Annual TT week sprint on Ramsey promenade.
  8. Ken12r

    Mad Sunday RWYB Ramsey.

    Annual TT week RWYB.
  9. until
    Records meeting over various distances.
  10. until
    The annual Wheelie weekend including standing start one mile top speed.
  11. Ken12r

    Final Top Speed Tuesday

    Final top speed practice event for 2019
  12. Ken12r

    Sixth Top Speed Tuesday

    Sixth top speed practice event
  13. Ken12r

    Fifth Top Speed Tuesday

    Fifth top speed practice event
  14. Ken12r

    Fouth Top Speed Tuesday

    Fourth top speed practice event
  15. Ken12r

    Third Top Speed Tuesday

    Third top speed practice event
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