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  2. that nice looking guy who could be your uncle wants to crush all your bikes and cars and recycle the metal he wants you to go on an app and hire a vehicle by the hour “Car sharing platforms such as Getaround and BlueSG have already seized that opportunity to offer vehicles where you pay per hour used.” https://uk.getaround.com/ https://www.bluesg.com.sg/car-sharing
  3. It's one thing owning a car, motorbike, van ect ect. But it's another thing how much they get used. I have 2 cars and 3 bikes + the Alfa, But i can only use one at a time. Everyone is making money off the fact we still need to Tax and insure and MOT the ones we use on the road. We make no more or less Co2 owning more than one motor. And i don't think it will be in our lifetime that everyone will be driving an EV, not the way the cost of living it going up.
  4. this is from the ex NAZI Klaus Schwab i will give up my car when the global elites give up theirs and their private jets https://newsthud.com/world-economic-forum-calls-to-end-wasteful-private-car-ownership/
  5. the best SAAB were the rally cars of the early 60s - 2 stroke with Flywheel excuse the old footage it is better than new 4k video wxc
  6. I had a nice SAAB 93 TID. Very quick car for a 1.9 Diesel, it looked very smart with it's 19" Black alloys on. Px it for a Mazda 6, wish i kept the Saab. I spent a lot of time keeping the Black paint work looking good.
  7. Havent you learned, new does not always mean better. Bring back the Drakens.
  8. yes definitely not for me i used to do that when i was 22, drive my big bore Manta exhaust through Whitby , turn ignition on and off BOOM exhaust flames so childish
  9. The contractor who was paid to do the work. The wife got a total of about £17.5k. The solicotors had about £10.5k , The insurance got £2.5k, Sick pay (Gov) got £500, Joy got just under £4k
  10. Why would you want that . I think these sort of bikes just get used at night on the strips where people are sitting trying to have a drink outside.
  11. That is just awful, Voodoo looks like crap and sound is just the worst. Typical yanks, if it does not go, make it louder
  12. CMM shows the loudest Gen3 with Voodoo pipe and of course pops and bangs John could make a killing with pops and bangs queue right around the block at Malton 😬
  13. I'd written off 2 cars before I learned to drive - though that would've made no difference as I wasn't in them when I wrote them off....
  14. The Greeks thought the world was inside a turtle shell and it stood on 4 pillars i agree with that
  15. Or not, they may tell you that the road is not rated very high use, it can wait another 10 years for repairs
  16. i expect you do it properly , dig up the road and apply proper smooth tarmac surface dressing is a cheap solution to hide the real state of the roads
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