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  2. it is difficult to gauge, HTP just drop bite size chunks of teaser info onto Facebook i prefer plain speaking with dyno graphs
  3. So, how much is the normal gain taking out the stock exhaust ? This will gain more as it is filled with cats it does not bring the 25hp , need more, stacks and change programming, where are we now then, at unrestricted 1000cc sportbike level ?
  4. Cecil the owner says 25hp over stock - below modded stacks and bounce plate C
  5. yip, i was right the BEEB and the those in power hyped up the numbers to create a scaredemic.
  6. HTP engine package 1340cc 249hp / 121ftlb i see they use MJP dyno, i have one dyno graph from MJP dyno years ago, i think it was one of my first ones, i think the dyno is bit happy, JD ? Just wait when someone brings the 249hp to Dynostar dyno. I was like many bike dudes at first , 20 years ago, i believed that you can get +20hp by just pulling some magic tricks, then i met our Dynostar guru who taught me few physics facts, i became a pessimist.
  7. Found this on Hayabusa.org that is with MR12
  8. R Gadson did a 8.35 @ 163 said it would probably 8.1 needs a clutch mod. on his Gen3
  9. and yours was 195 if I remember rightly when it was new with a system . 15 hp more gained by revs by the sound of it which is the head flow and cams and valve control stupid waste of money really because they have cracked the stock ecu
  10. Yes I know my Icelandic friend is to get this upgrade , Just says 209 hp is stock engine plus an exhaust
  11. Very nice numbers But why am i still in doubt, does this fall in the "new is always better" category, I want to know what parts and changes in the gen3 engine brings up the power ? It is the same size as gen2, cylinder head has some minor upgrades, cams are different ( better ?) You know, from what, 180 to 209 is a big leap.
  12. ECU only the rest of engine is stock, one of my icelandic facebook buddy is in talks with Cecil the owner of HTP Costs $4,500 and all the QS, Traction control, cornering IMU etc is still active
  13. apparently with a drop in MOTEC ECU- GEN3 makes 209 RWHP @MikaS https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=371861948057557 https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=344257607074067
  14. interesting WEEK 1 death figures from ONS just out 2020 = 12,254 2021 = 17,751 (6,057 covid) 2022 = 12,262 (1,023 covid) 2015-2019 average = 12,175 ONS baseline = 13,298
  15. bonkers policy.. protect the patients when vaxxed doctors/nurses have the same viral load and transmit same as the unvaxxed for nearly 2 years the doctors/nurses were according to the gov saviours/heroes , but get thrown under the bus after winter crisis is over and covid has fucked off
  16. Earlier
  17. Ironically, the lazy gear changing power is what encouraged me to change to a v twin.. now Im looking at travelling back
  18. You will get that 10% more midrange when your engine is done, but dont lose the mileage, so its a win-win
  19. Ok - a snap shot basically with improved mid range of Gen3 lazy easy ride going fast , Gen2 needs more gear changing
  20. they will be banning Ginger nuts and Puff pastry next
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